Monday, June 23, 2008

Upholstery Tutorial, cont'd - and various ramblings

The verdict is still out on my motorcycle decision. Okay, it's true that it may not be the best utility vehicle for carrying groceries. In fact, it may not be a sensible purchase for me to make. But, you know, sometimes you just want to make a decision to get something just because it's fun. Yes, I could get hurt on one. Yes, I could get killed. Let's see, when I die, would I rather wilt away from some debilitating illness or from having my body smeared all over the road while having fun on a motorcycle? Hmmmm...(weighing the decision with imaginary weights in each hand...) I think I might have to choose the latter. A friend of mine used to brag that her grandfather died from having a heart attack on the dance floor. He was in his late 70's. A couple years later, her grandmother died the same way. It gave Donna some peace knowing that they left this world having fun, enjoying what they loved doing. It probably didn't give a lot of peace to the dancers around them, though. The polls are still open, Folks! Scroll to the upper right hand side of this blog and cast your vote. You can do it anonymously, you know. It's not necessary to sign in, etc. I'd like to know what you think. We have a new family of babies in our garden birdhouse. This particular birdhouse doesn't allow access by raising a door or roof, so I have to try and get shots by poking my camera lens through the little bird hole. (Can you see the one little open-beaked guy?) I can see three little open-mouthed beaks when I peer inside but can't get as good a look using my camera. And, just to let you know, I'm working on the upholstering tutorial. If you've started deconstructing your chair, let me stress how important it is to completely strip out all the old stuffing. Chances are, unless you personally bought the piece new, you don't know it's history. You don't know how clean or careful the previous owners were. Just presume that someone or something, whether an animal, baby, or drunken uncle, peed on the cushion. Between this last admonishment and that of the creepy, crawly things you were previously warned about, I'm thinking 'Nuff said. And, in case you have stripped the frame bare, you can now prepare the frame. Whether it's metal or wood, cleanse it with a mild detergent. Slowly run the tips of your fingers along the frame to make sure there are no splinters, staple ends, etc. sticking out. Again, make sure you do this slowly. Doing this in a fast motion will only assure that your fingers will make contact with something sharp and rip your skin from the bone. (Jeez, I'm being graphic today. I'm not meaning to gross you out, although what I'm typing is the truth.) Anyway, if you do happen to find such an area, either sand it smooth or pound it smooth. Do whatever you need to do to fix the protrusion and assure it doesn't ruin someone's pantyhose or puncture someone's skin. If you are going to paint or stain the item, this is now the time to start your preparation. If you have broken corners, cracked veneer, etc., grab your wood putty or bondox, push it into place and let it thoroughly dry before sanding and painting/staining it. Let me forewarn you that, if you plan on spray painting, you'll need to first prime the wood or metal with a base paint. I've had major problems lately with spray paint bubbling on the second coat. This is regardless of the outside or indoor temperature, humidity, etc. As a result, I've been priming the surface then applying a thorough coat of spray paint in a manner that won't require a second coat. NEXT in the upholstery tutorial: Dressing and stuffing the chair BTW, I did end up painting over the roses on the red lawn chair and, while I was at it, painted the base of the lamp-plant stand. ANOTHER REMINDER: Leave a comment to get entered in the June Giftaway!!!


Janet Fish said...

Well, the man who died in his 70s on the dance floor might not have made it into his 70s if he hadn't been dancing right along.

There are other choices besides the two you came up with.

My daughter and ex SIL had a friend who married a man who loved motorcycles. Taught her to ride. She did everything right, wore a helmet, everything. Accidentally dumped the bike and a car ran over her, breaking her spine. She died right there, in the street, in her early 20s. So, I never encourage or discourage anyone from or for getting one.

I sure DO understand wanting one though. I truly do. I need some fun. I want to break out of the shell I'm in that keeps getting tougher and tougher.

Whether you decide to get that bike or not, do not let this shell grow around you. Find ways to have fun, to cut loose. If you can find safe ways to do it, great. If I can drop about 40 pounds, I'm going powered parachuting one day.

If you get that bike, Larry will be worried that I might want one. LOL Hey, I DO want one!

Love, Janet

Anonymous said...

I just found your blog and you are awesome. I always call motorcycler riders organ donors but I can understand how you feel about doing something fun. Just be safe.

I too have done a lot of trash to treasures but usually forget to take before pics. donna from wis

Sher said...

Janet, I'm so scared of heights that I would be unconscious before I would hit the ground while parachuting and would have no idea whether I enjoyed that experience. If I do end up getting the motorcycle, I promise I will do my best to stay conscious while riding. LOL.


Sher said...

Donna, thanks so much for stopping by and for your compliments! It's good to know that someone else suffers from the no-before-pictures affliction. LOL - There's got to be a cure, right? I hope you come back to visit and chat!


Irma's Rose Cottage said...

Hi Sher! I think its a great idea to get a motorcycle, only thing is I would be worried about the other drivers. My DH had a Harley and we would go riding on the weekends. It was a lot of fun, but then the kids came along and made it hard for all of us to go together so it got traded in for a boat. Whatever you decide, just be careful.

Irma :)