Friday, June 6, 2008

Countryside Scenery

Today has seemed like Saturday all day to me. Hubby is off work. He has a strange (I think) work schedule, in that he works three days, then has two days off, works the next two days, then has three days off. Each day he works is a 12 hour shift. When he has three days off on a weekend (Friday, Saturday, Sunday), the Friday always feels like Saturday to me. We drove into Gate City, Virginia to buy a riding mower. We used most of today for the drive and the transaction. Not that the drive is that long - we just took our time. I snapped some pictures of the scenery along the way that I thought you might enjoy. It was so dry last year that farmers had a real shortage of hay to bale. It was nice to see a scene like this: The Virginia countryside is beautiful all year round. Take a look at these wildflowers along roadside. And you also get scenes like this: The entire trip smelled of sweet southern honeysuckle. Riding in a truck with no air conditioning means riding with the windows down. It does absolutely nothing for a hairstyle. But what the heck? It was still a nice day.

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