Sunday, June 8, 2008

More on the Chair Redo

Man alive, is it ever HOT here!!! I haven't seen much of the national weather reports lately but believe the entire southern part of the US is about ready to melt. It's 94° here and the humidity is almost as high. What's happening weather-wise where you are? Okay, I know you remember this ugly chair I showed you yesterday. I took this picture without the pillow seat: Right now, as I type, this is what it looks like:
Please tell me that you know it's not finished. I'd hate it if you thought my finish work was this awful. The cushion has to be entirely reworked (somehow) and I need to make a cording for the trim that will wrap around the bottom, where the green and yellow-ish fabric meets the wood. That aside, what do you think of these color and pattern combos?
I'm asking for a reason - not just to get your opinions (because you know I do value them) - I'll have some rather large pieces of this fabric left over and am thinking about offering them here. Keep in mind that this is upholstery fabric and very heavy. You certainly wouldn't want to make a summer top from it! However, it would probably make a cute pincushion or footstool cover, etc. It definitely would make a darling pillow or two. And for you nature lovers, my friend Baby Swallow decided to poke his head waaay out of his doorway this morning to check out what I was doing (which wasn't much, not in this heat). He allowed me to get really close with the camera, since Mama and Papa Swallow weren't around to yell at him. I'm still not sure how many babies are in the nest. I'm thinking either two or three. ...and now, I'm off to work on this pillow seat and to fix some sun tea. Keep cool!


Sunshines*Creations said...

Hi, I'm in AB4B on ebay with you. I saw the chairs before pic and love the now, with it painted white with the green and yellow fabric. The floral though to me and it's just my opinion. It's too much, I'd say use the green for the cushion also and make either a bolster or small rectangle pillow with the floral cloth. Maybe even with a stripe of the green in the middle, like a ribbon. Like I say just my opinion. Thanks for letting me share with ya.

Sher said...

Hi, Sunshine! I kind of agree with you - I like the green cushion idea. It does look different in person, though; the two designs blend better than in the pic. Thanks for your input!!!