Tuesday, June 29, 2010

This is OUR World!

(Photos taken in my garden) The first time my precious son, not yet three, saw the ocean he stood still as a statue for several seconds. Finally, pail and plastic shovel in hand, he looked out at its vastness and proclaimed, "They should have made a baby pool." That was just three short years before we made the move to California, where we would live for several years before moving back to the midwest. Yesterday was his 32nd birthday. I posted a picture of him on my Facebook page - tall and handsome, and on the eastern shores of our nation he stood on pristine sands as he enjoyed a vacation with his family. Little did any of us know at the time that, due to bad decisions of CEOs , our own government, as well as the greed of many, ocean shores would be covered in thick black goo and that the majority of us would look on helplessly as innocent, beautiful sea animals would be suffocated to death and families depending on the sea for income would have similarly have their livelihoods smothered. Many of us may not have the physical ability to help and may be limited financially but all of us have the greatest power of all - the power of prayer. Please join me in praying for a resolution to this mess that has been created. Pray for all the families affected and for their futures, for the animals and our environment and then please - let us all be diligent in making better decisions for our earth and its future and in electing officials who have similar commitments.

Friday, June 4, 2010

The Absentee Blogger

This is what I should rename this blog. I've been a terrible blogging slacker lately, although I do have an excuse - err, reason. I hate to complain (but will, of course) but my rheumatoid arthritis has been giving me tremendous problems. My rheumatologist has switched me to Orencia and I am looking forward to great positive changes from it. However, it sometimes takes several infusions before enough of it is in your system to make a difference. I've been having problems doing daily chores. He added Prednisone to my drug cocktail and at least now I can raise my arms above elbow level and can walk to the mailbox. I'm on a self-imposed driving restriction because I still have problems and a lot of pain using my hands. I'm afraid that, if there is an emergency, I may not be able to properly handle the steering wheel. I've been looking forward to an upcoming all-year high school reunion next weekend in Indiana but am fearful that I may have to skip it. Maybe the Prednisone will kick in enough by then that we can still go, but I'm apprehensive. Well, enough of that. The Ebay/Etsy group I belong to, AB4B, is having a special altered art swap with a theme of "Let Freedom Ring". The very talented Sandi Ramirez (www.shweetpotatodolls.com) was my partner. It was her first time to make altered art and the results were simply outstanding. She made this altered journal for me as well as the sweetest scrapbook: Here's a closeup of the journal cover and its inside cover as well as the scrapbook: See what I mean? Lucky me!!!! In turn, I sent her an altered tobacco tin and a felt window valance. I forgot to take pictures before mailing them out so I swiped the ones Sandi posted! And now for the big announcement: I've decided to suspend my monthly giftaways, at least for now. I can't rely on myself to post regularly right now and don't want to mislead anyone so I've removed it from my sidebar and hope you understand. So, until next time - lots of hugs! Sher