Saturday, July 11, 2009

Prayer Requests and Gardening Tales

Many of you know my dear friend, Mary, of Mary's Meanderings. She was bitten by a RATTLESNAKE and, although she is home, has had terrible reactions to antibiotics. The time she has to spend with her foot elevated has also caused her fibromyalgia to flare. Please pray for her and, if you have a few extra moments, stop in and say hi. I'm sure she'd appreciate the visit.
Here on the home front, things have been moving at a fast pace. Well, things AROUND me have. I've been having some major problems with my RA (rheumatoid arthritis) and although it appears that things are finally on the right track, my joints are still quite swollen and causing me pain. I'm behind in everything. Everything! And much of our garden is ready for harvesting and canning.
I've spent the last several days playing computer games and that's about it. Today, however, I'll venture outside and try to get my body moving again!
Thanks again for all your prayers. Love to you all!