Monday, June 9, 2008

HUGE Giftaway this Month!

Happy Monday! Aw, c'mon! Mondays aren't all that bad, are they? Okay, tell ya what - I'll share mine with you. Can you guess where I was mid-morning? Here's a hint:
Yep, a no-brainer, huh? At least it wasn't for one of those dreaded annual checkups, you know, the one with the awkward position on the table, etc. Good ol' Doc Finch and I only had to go over some blood work, review my meds, etc. He's not so old, actually. I think I was one of his first patients after med school. I think he's younger than my stepbrother, also a doc. He's pleasant, jokes with me and our meeting lasted perhaps all of 15 minutes. It's the waiting for him to come in that is the boring part. If you've been wondering why I haven't posted any info about this month's Giftaway, there's a reason: This one is going to be a BIG ONE! That's right, a really Blow-Out Giftaway! I'm only a couple posts away from my 100th posting, a milestone to celebrate (so I'm told) PLUS June is the month when the three men in my life were born. Hubby's birthday was the 7th, Brother's is the 18th and Son's is the 28th. See? A month to celebrate! Watch for the picture posting of the Giftaway package toward the end of this week! Let me assure you, it will be a doozy and all you have to do to qualify for the drawing is post a comment! Meanwhile, I decided to take another pic of the two fabrics used for the chair I've almost finished. This pic was taken outside and you can get a better idea of the richness of the fabric and colors.
The other chair will have two of these three fabrics.
Want to help me choose? I'm open to suggestions. Hugs, mysig


Janet Fish said...

Your top picture isn't showing itself to me. It's just got a red x in it.

I wish I could give you good advice about the fabrics. I don't have any taste, you got all that. My best advice would be to listen carefully to my fashion advice, then do the opposite.

Well, gotta get moving here!

Love you lots, Janet

Annabel said...

Great to know that the three men in your life are June celebrants too. I'm celebrating my natal day on the 19th ,Jose Rizal day in the Philippines, he's our national hero and a day after Ted's. I better email him then. I'm turning 36, Sher. I still have a long way to go. But life has been great so far! God has always been faithful!

Have a beautiful day!

sallyt said...

Hi, Sher. This is gorgeous fabric! Lucky you to know how to upholster a chair! If it were me, I'd use the floral and the check but then I'm sometimes too flashy, LOL. Otherwise - if there isn't much more, pattern-wise, in your room - go with the two florals. I'd have to lay them all out in the room and see. Can't wait to see the chairs when you're done. (Thanks for stopping by my blog.)
Hugs, sallyt