Saturday, January 31, 2009

Valentine Preferences, new TAGS, and the January Giftaway is ON!

Saturday morning, the time that we women usually reserve for housecleaning, grocery shopping, flea marketing, etc...and here I am, in front of the computer, editing pictures and wondering about you.  I'm wondering what your Valentine's Day color preferences and texture preferences might be, and whether you think about a certain time in history or in your own life is or was a more romantic time than the present.

Take a look at the two above pictures.  Which do you prefer, the sharp red and white contrast or the soft tones of white mixed with some red.  Have yous noticed a change in your decorating palette, or have you always been consistent with your choices?  

Me, I'm leaning more toward the softer, muted tones.  I remember that, as a younger woman, I viewed florals as being something that an old lady would choose.  Today, I love the florals and cottage-y look.  Of course, I am a grandma but old?  Nah, not me.  Not as long as Loreal has hair color products.

I decided to do a little poll on the subject.  See it in the right margin?  Please do me a favor and vote in this very scientific based study of mine.  Okay, so it's not science.  So I'm just being nosey.  Either way, I'd appreciate your input.

Meanwhile, instead of doing dishes I've been making tags.  I used wallpaper as a background; the black base reminds me of the wallpaper we had in our living room when I was growing up.  As I was working with the various elements, I kept hearing an old song called "That Old Black Magic" going through my head.  I think it was popular before I was born; anyway, I decided to group these five together and call them "Black Magic".  They're now for sale - if you want them, they're $8.95, including the postage.  Of course, I take Paypal, money orders and personal checks.  Yes, I trust personal checks.  I mean, who in the world would want someone to read about their personal check bouncing on a blog?  So, I trust personal checks.  
I haven't talked much about this month's Giftaway - but be assured, it is ON and the winner's name will be pulled from the list of those who commented on this blog during the months of December and January!  The winner will receive the cute little wicker cup and saucer shown previously AND a vintage apron (yes, I have PLENTY!) AND a special glass bowl from my personal collection AND some nice surprises!
Have a great weekend!!!

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Sheer Sweetness

Some things are just beyond sweet.  They may not seem sweet at the time, though.  Buying shoes for growing children, for example, can often be a dreaded task.
But not when they're this size!
Sheer, unadulterated sweetness!
And watching my son as he lovingly massaged the expanded tummy of my daughter-in-law as they awaited Ace's appearance into this world.
A sweet moment to witness, one that my words could never describe. 

Monday, January 26, 2009

My Hearts are Published, a new Trash to Treasure and Springing Crocus

We're safely back home in Tennessee from our week!  It's always nice to be back home but it's sure great to see family and to greet new grandchildren!    Sadly, our trip back was delayed a day because my sweet DIL developed severe cramping and ended up back in the hospital!  Can you imagine being admitted into the hospital when you have a week old baby at home?
After many blood tests, two CT scans and much pushing and prodding, she was diagnosed as having a uterine infection.  Thank God that they were able to rule out cysts and kidney problems!  The doctors believe that the infection was the cause for the pain and sent her home yesterday.  Please, let's pray that they are correct and that the antibiotics will cure the problem.
She is SO small and the baby was SO big that I'm amazed no other problems developed.
She will probably kill me for publishing the above picture, taken seconds after Ace was born.  My DIL is a beautiful girl but that immediately-after-childbirth-flush doesn't do anyone true justice. Next:  Daddy (my son) helping Bradley getting to know Little Brother.
Have you seen the latest copy of SOMERSET LIFE MAGAZINE Thanks to the super-sweet Kim at Daisy Cottage, you can see some hearts that I made in one of their articles!!!  I'm sure most of you are already familiar with Kim and know about her little shout-out on her blog, requesting to see some of her readers' handmde hearts for purchase.  Well, many of us responded by sending some to her; we all love her and just wanted her to know it.  One of the Somerset editors decided to publish the story and some of her hearts; the rest is revealed in the magazine!  I'm honored that my three hearts were among the ones chosen for the article.   
Here's something else I wanted to share with you:  
Isn't this just the cutest little purse?  It's zippered at the top and is really too small to hold my wallet, checkbook, etc.  It's a good storage size for makeup and makes a cute little display on a dresser.  I picked it up in Indiana and would love to have a supply of them to sell at the Corner Nest in Elizabethton, TN.  
Speaking of which:  Here's a picture of the finished cabinet we'll be taking over there this afternoon.  It was really ugly when we got it - there were lots of little advertising stickers all over it (nothing old, just little ads for motor oil, etc.) and greasy spots that made us think it was being used in someone's garage to hold old car parts, etc.  Additionally, it had a broken bottom board, some water damage and here's what it looked like in the midst of some cleaning and sanding:      After a paint job, a few "primitive" touches added back in it, a couple door knobs and a latch, it's now in great shape!  
Finally, I had to show you this last photo! Can you see those little sprigs of green next to the planter?  Crocus have already started showing their greenery!  If you look a little closer, you can see a bulb that somehow managed to work its way above the ground.  It's still on the ground because the ground is frozen too hard for me to re-bury it.  Still, the tender shoots are strong enough to pierce their way through the earth.  Nature is so amazing!  

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Welcome to the World!

Allow me to introduce you to my newest grandchild, my grandson Ace Jackson Baker!
Does he appear to fill out his clothing? Most newborns are swallowed by their first outfits. Not this little guy! The proof is in the scales:
Yep! His teeny-tiny mommy gave birth to this 9 pound, 4 oz baby!
As you can see, he is already a deep thinker!
See you in a couple more days; we leave to go back home Saturday!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

It's COLD here! But that's not the news!

Okay, maybe the birth of my new grandson didn't make the national news like this frigid weather has, but it hasn't captivated the family's attention like he has! We arrived here in more than enough time for his birth AND I got to witness his breath into this world! I took plenty of pictures (but I'm sure my DIL would kill me if I posted the really cool ones!) and I will post a couple of the baby when we get back home. My son, my DIL's mom and myself were in the room when he was born. I got to be at the "interesting" end! Mom, Baby and Grandma are all doing fine! Let me tell you gals: Allowing your MIL to witness your child's birth has got to be one of the most unselfish things a woman can do for another. I'll post again in a few days. Meanwhile, remember to resist the temptation to turn your thermometers up and dress more warmly, in layers, instead. Love and blessings to you all, Sher

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Sorry, I've been MIA - is it too late to wish you Happy New Year?

     Here it is, the second week of the year and here I am with my first post of the year!  For someone who really wanted to see 2008 end, I have really been slow to get started with 2009.  Thanks to those of you who have taken the time to check on me; my family and I are fine - the past two or three weeks have been a stretch of time where my get-up-and-go truly got up and went and forgot to tell me where it was going.
     We had about a ton of rain the other night (okay, maybe half a ton) - enough that my hubby was concerned the creek might flood its banks.  He went out to check on it and look what he saw:    No, not a snake.  Here's another shot:    Can you make it out?  There was actually a pair of them - salamanders!   And they were huge!  He put a Coke can on the ground before he took the pictures so I could see how large they were.  They were at least twice as long as the can.  
    The two of us will be heading out again for Indiana in just a few short days.  My grandson will be born January 16 (if not before).  I'll be taking sewing supplies with me, along with my camera(s) because I'm STILL working on a few items I wanted to put together BEFORE Christmas.  That lets you know how far behind I've allowed myself to get.
   I have somehow managed to do a few florals for Valentine's Day.  They've proven to be pretty popular at the shop (the Corner Nest in Elizabethton, TN) in the past and I've already sold some.  Here are a couple I've made:
I ended up putting a couple taller flower stems in the baby shoe.  It looks really sweet.  Too bad I have no idea where the other shoe is.  
I've been hand-dipping individual florals and stuffed cloth hearts into scented wax and I love the primitive look of them.  If you have silk flowers that have lost their shape, try dipping them into wax and allowing them to dry upside down.  
This old teapot was in a boxlot I recently purchased at an estate sale.  It didn't have a lid and the handle had been broken but mended.  I love the windmill design and of course you know how I don't like loading up our landfills with items that still have some kind of reusable value.  I've added these and a few others to my Webshots album if you want to take a look.  I'll try to get the rest uploaded in the morning.  
    Finally, are you wondering whether I had a monthly Giftaway last month that you missed?  Well, I decided not to have one because it was such a busy month for all of us.  But, yes, there will be one this month and here's one item that will be included:
Isn't it cute?  A handpainted wicker cup and saucer!  Yes, there will be a bundle of other items included, as usual.  So, stay tuned and be sure to leave a comment to be eligible for the drawing.  All of you who commented in the month of December will receive extra chances for the January Giftaway, so keep commenting!
And, have a very blessed and Happy 2009!