Saturday, August 6, 2011

A Quick Re-do and a Quirk in Canning

It's been awhile since we've had a new puppy in the house so every time we sense an unfamiliar odor we turn our attentions toward Sam.  I mean, does this look like an "Honest, Mom, it wasn't me!" look or what? 

But, alas, this time he was actually innocent. 
I've been canning tomatoes and I canned one group using an unfamiliar canner.  (I'm one of the strange breed of women who prefer the cold pack method) A couple of the jars I canned "failed".  It's been several years since I've had that experience - probably about 30 years.  Wish me luck on my next batch!   

Look what my hubby found while mowing:  Isn't it too cute?  Of course, when it's all grown up and nibbling in our gardens, the cuteness has a tendency to go away. 

Anyway, it was missing part of one foot.  We never know how the animals we find get injured - it could have been trapped in something, attacked by something - or, it could even be a birth defect.

How's this for a cheap makeover?  We all have an idea of how expensive chaise mattresses can be.  We've had these for at least four years. 

 They're still in good condition (comfort-wise) because they really don't get much use.  But, the colors have really faded and they look pretty haggard. 

I've had a large fabric bolt of this wonderful Waverly fabric for quite awhile; it came in a box lot and was so pretty I knew that (eventually) we'd have a use for it.  I did a quick cut and sew (a simple 3-sided sew, shaped like a super-huge pillowcase) and voila! 

 A new look for the patio!  I had enough left over for a table cover, too. 

 We had just painted our patio and it sure freshened it up.  The cost of the makeover?  Less than $1, since it came in an auction box lot!