Saturday, June 14, 2008

Fixit Day Revisited - and a Special Sunday Post (Tomorrow)

Hi, everyone! I hope your weekend is good, productive, relaxing - whatever you were hoping it would be, so far. My day started out productive. Okay, so that's kind of an exaggeration. I wanted it to be productive, so I started a mental checklist, got a few things done here at the house, etc. Then it kinda started downhill. I remembered that I was supposed to go to the post office, but today is Saturday. The post office closes very early every Saturday. I slapped on some makeup as to not frighten anyone, grabbed my items and ran out the door. Well, wouldn't you know the closest post office is in nearby Blountville and I arrived there at 11:03 AM. The sign on the door said they close at 11:00 AM Saturday. They weren't fooling around, they were closed. Shut up tight. But that's okay, I knew the one in Bristol closed at noon or later. Besides, I had to pick up a few things at the grocery and I had plenty of time, right? Wrong. My stop at the grocery took longer than I anticipated and I arrived at the door of the Bristol PO at noon sharp. The doors were already locked when I got there and the curtains over the glass door were being drawn closed. Well, there's always Monday... A nice breeze was blowing, maybe it wouldn't be too hot or sticky to catch up on some weed pulling. I got home, put away the groceries, grabbed a wheelbarrow and I felt them, ever-so-gently on my shoulders. Raindrops. Hmm. My back isn't hurting too badly, this can't be much of a rainstorm. Twenty minutes later, it was pouring down and I was inside the house contemplating another Fixit-Day gone awry. The ground is dusty-dry and needs a good shower so I really can't gripe too much. Besides, I was able to get a few things started these past couple days. For example, this old green metal lawn chair has needed repainting since the late 1900's. (It seems so very long ago when put that way, doesn't it?) Thank Goodness for drills and wire attachments that make sanding away the old paint a lot easier! Some areas still need good old-fashioned scraping, though. It started raining that day, too, and Hubby shut off the power tools. Like I said, I was able to get a few things started. And yes, that is me with my hair twisted up with a screwdriver, bent over and scraping away, completely oblivious to the guy with the camera (Gee, thanks, Hon...). And yes, I do have on clothes. I was wearing one of those one-seamed tops that I made for under $4... Moving on - I also got this piece of fencing? Gating? - this hinged thing, whatever you want to call it - painted white. Since it is now white and crisp-looking, this garden gate needed painting. I like the chippy-paint look but the chips were coming off in sheets and I really did need to paint it to protect the wood. Now, about this old coal wheelbarrow: I'll be darned if I'm scraping this thing. It will get the Kilz treatment, and it will be painted, too. But what color? I'm kinda feeling red for this job. What do you think? Maybe this one needs a poll... (BTW, the hinged gate thing is behind the wheelbarrow)

NOW, take a look at the banner in the upper right corner of this blog. See the one that says, "Tour for a Cure"? Click it and it will take you to Deena's blog, "Can I be pretty in pink?" If you haven't read her blog or don't know Deena, please read her introduction. She's a very strong spirited woman, a gal to be admired. She's hosting this virtual garden tour in hopes of raising money for the Susan Komen Foundation.

I hope you come back tomorrow for my part of this garden tour and join all the other bloggers in this worthwhile endeavor. Thank you so much for your support! Wishing you many, many grins and hugs,


Janet Fish said...

Red, definitely red. Yes, red. I thought red before I even read that you were thinking red too. Red is a great color. True red.

My day was good. I woke up feeling better than I've felt in a long time, and I went all day, doing this, doing that. Now I'm tired and I'm not quite done.

We have a new kitten right now. We'll see if we keep it. I'd told Larry we weren't getting any more pets unless we found one on our front porch, a gift from God.

Then last evening, low and behold, I walked out the front door and there on the front porch was THE sweetest little kitten.

Took it to the vet today. Got medicine for a couple of small problems. Monday we'll go back and get tests for FIV and FL. If he has neither of those, we'll keep him. If he has one, poor little thing will be put down. And I'll cry.

Tired this evening, but still would like to mow a bit.

Love, Janet

Sher said...

Awww, I hope he doesn't have to be put down. Thanks for your color vote. I could have predicted that you'd go red, too, tho! ;)

Janet Fish said...

The kitten is stronger and happier today than yesterday. I imagine getting the three dead embedded ticks out of his neck helped, treating his eye infection, and feeding him properly. It all helped, no doubt. I hope his blood tests come out okay.

And red is always appropriate. I think there's a country that uses red for wedding dresses. And red is good for going out to lunch, for painting on walls, for shoes, oh yeah, nad front doors! Every house should have a red front door and a red garage door. Red IS THE COLOR that fits anyplace, any time.

And I bet my eye teeth that you look pretty in red. Well, you probably look pretty in any color.

Love, Janet

Stephanie ~ Angelic Accents said...

Love your garden gate & that lawn chair, too! Thanks for the heads up on Deena's garden tour ~ I know her, just got a card from her today, in fact, but hadn't heard about this!

Tx Hugs,
Angelic Accents