Monday, June 30, 2008

Last Chance for June Giftaway! And, about that trip...

Tomorrow is the name drawing for this month's special Giftaway! In case you didn't see the prize package, you can check it out here. To be eligible, simply leave a comment on any of this blog's June posts!

The trip to Indiana was for one purpose, which was to be there for my son's 30th birthday. We had no specific plans for his birthday. I just wanted to be there. It's a Mom Thing. It had been several years since I have been with either of my kids on their day.

It had also been several years since I had seen my BFF, Jeff. I was prepared, of course, with camera in hand and all the pictures were taken as was planned. But, what was not planned was having a faulty chip in the camera and losing all those shots! Still, we had a wonderful time and a great meal at Logan's Steakhouse in Noblesville where, when our waitress was asked what was special that evening replied that she thought she was pretty special. We agreed and hope she is still there when we make our return trip in December or January.

Things we did: Went with my daughter-in-law, Dana, when she took the kids to a nearby park equipped with erupting fountains to play in. She found a new furry friend while we were there.

Morgan is always the first to tire out. I was there in the room for her birth and even got to be the first one to change her messy diaper. As a result, she is the only grandchild (so far) to have my almond shaped eyes. (Don't you think that's the reason?) But look how beautiful they are on her!

You know, of course, that the kids baked the birthday cake. I made the meal (rice, of course!), typically Filipino and typically me. I like to make at least one meal for the family while we're there. While the meal was cooking and the cake was baking, Hubby, Son and his Father-in-law made a birdhouse. Have you ever seen such a group of hams?

(The house was built at this point) Hubby wanted the kids to be able to enjoy watching families of birds each Spring and Summer. However, the house ended up 'way up in this tree. Can you even see it??

Dana wasn't feeling well (the pregnancy thing) and stayed home with the children that evening as Son, Hubby, Son's BFF Pat, and I checked out the new casino recently built in Anderson. Brad has always enjoyed hats; he wore this one Saturday night.

ATTENTION, SINGLE WOMEN! This is Pat, Son's BFF since childhood aka my second son. He is a very devoted single Daddy, is witty, warm and a loving young man living in Indiana. Just wanted to put this little blurb in for him.

Here are the grandkids and me: And finally, the group hug. Goodbyes stink.


Janet C. Fish said...

Ohhhhhh, I know how hard it is to come home. I mean, it's always good to get home to your own bed, art supplies and your own bathroom.

But it is so hard to say bye bye to the kids and grandkids and various other friends and family and practically family.

Loved seeing all those smiling faces and some of the fun you had.

Annabel Sison Badajos said...

Thanks for sharing these pictures. Your smiles are contagious. I was so thrilled to see how you, your son and his family look like now. You are all soooooooo good looking people. Your grandkids are so adorable esp. those almond shaped eyes(typical eye shape of Filipinos), she's such a pretty girl! Your son looks more Filipino too. He and his friend are sure "headturners". You don't look like your turning 60 soon. Countdown: 22days to go!

I'm glad you were able to make even a short visit to your loved ones. Yeah, saying good bye is not easy esp. between grammas and grandkids. I felt the sadness.:(

Take care!

Sher said...

Janet and Annabel, thanks to you both! We did have fun and the kids (including my son, DIL and son's BFF) are always good to be around. I love their energy and playfulness.