Friday, July 23, 2010

A New Group Venture, Stupid Human Tricks & Gee, it's HOT!

Okay, I'll admit that I've been slack at blogging but even more of a slacker at posting things on Ebay and Etsy for sale. So, I surprised even myself when I was super-excited to be notified that the one Ebay group I joined several years ago, AB4B (Age Before Beauty) was starting a new marketplace. (See the button in the right margin) The grand opening is August 1. This group of primitive crafters and artists are so sweet, so fun, and so talented! The new venture has me designing and sewing up new primitive creations. I do hope you check us out by clicking on that button - but don't expect to see a lot in the shoppes until August 1! I just listed this pumpkin patch nightlight:
And, did you happen to see the child's bed coverlet I added to Etsy? If you like pink or Scottie dogs, you'll probably like this! I hope you run over there and take a look when you get a chance. Okay, Stupid Human Tricks - no, we're not going to be on David Letterman's show. This is way too stupid for that. See this mess?
Do you recognize that it's an old door with glass - lots and lots of glass - scattered on and around it? Well, it was in our driveway. Why? Because the door was one that was "donated" to my hubby. It had so much damage that even we couldn't do anything with it. So, Hubby decided to saw it up and use the wood elsewhere. Trouble is, he didn't know quite where the glass that was in the upper part of the door started or stopped. One slight touch of the saw in apparently the wrong spot and *WHACK!* - glass was everywhere! I was indoors when my slightly red-faced Hubby told me what had happened. He managed to get most of the glass up with a broom and dust pan (it filled almost two medium-sized boxes) but when it came to the smaller pieces, the person formerly known as the Brains of the Family (that would be me) suggested that we hose-vacuum the remainder. Yeah, uh-huh. My bright idea was to hold the hose slightly above our graveled driveway and let the vacuum pick up the light-weighted glass. It may have even worked if the glass hadn't punctured a hole in the vacuum hose. (*Sigh!) Until those little shiny shards out of our driveway, we'll be parking our vehicles a little further up the drive. At least the temperatures were in the mid-90's (as opposed to being in the upper 90's) when this happened. It's hot everywhere, folks!!!! I don't know about you, but I'm spending most of this summer inside where it's air conditioned. August is supposedly the hottest month of the year and guess what? It's only a week away! Until then, keep hydrated with lots of liquids and try to keep cool!!!!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

The End of Adventure Lane

Yesterday was our day to travel to Knoxville and see my rheumatologist. It's about a two hour trip one way so we generally stop for lunch or dinner and maybe wander into an interesting looking shop or two. We turned off the interstate to check out one of those tourist info places when we spotted this street sign:
Well, of course, we had to drive down Adventure Lane, which turned out to be a dead end street. But look what was at the end:
Can you make out those blue letters? It says, "THRIFT SHOP"! This is what I came home with:
This sweet little ceramic napkin holder has a tiny chip in it but it spoke to me and somehow ended up coming home with me, as did this wonderful 1950's Hull vase: The vase will go to the shop with me this afternoon. Of course the news right now is the heat. This is what registered on my van's thermometer as we were driving to Knoxville: Here in the South, it's not just the high temperatures, though - it's the agonizing humidity, which is hovering around 90%! Even the birds are staying in the shade of the trees. Until next time, stay hydrated - drink lots of water and stay healthy!

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Happy Birthday, U.S.A.!!!! ...and a Couple Easy Re-do's

Today is the day Americans celebrate the 13 colonies who came together and signed America's first treasonous document, overthrowing King George III. I'm paraphrasing, but this is how I heard it described on the History channel this morning. Did you know that Benjamin Franklin's son was imprisoned for two years afterward? He continued to support King George and, apparently, Benjamin Franklin and his son never reconciled. It was an interesting documentary. For a little history refresher course, check this out: Sparknotes
Meanwhile, have a safe and happy Independence Day. I would also like to thank everyone, past and present, who has ever served in our U.S. military for keeping our country FREE! I have several publications from the National Education Association (the one below is from April, 1945) that I have for sale. Can you see the writing on the front cover? It is a prayer written by Stephen Vincent Benet, read by President Roosevelt at the United Nations Day Ceremony at the White House on June 15, 1942. The bottom caption next to the photograph states, "This prayer may well be used at every commencement program this year. Here's my political statement for the year as well as for the rest of my life: I SUPPORT THE RETURN OF PRAYER IN PUBLIC SCHOOLS! And now, completely changing the subject: This now shabby flower pot used to be a very boring looking terracotta pot: All it needs now is a cool looking plant to go inside. I'm kinda leaning toward a fern - what do you think? But, before I get sidetracked on choosing a plant, let me tell you how easy this transformation was! It was really a simple decoupage project involving spare paper pieces (wallpaper and craft papers), glue and glaze. I had some of this textured wallpaper that I think added a little special something to it. (Don't pay attention to the pot-in-progress in the background. It's not the same pot. In fact, after I started attaching the torn pieces to the background pot, I decided I didn't like the direction it was taking and tore the pieces off.) After I attached the papers and made sure the glue was thoroughly dry, I glazed it. Glazing isn't really all that necessary. I did it to protect the papers because I know myself - I will, at some time, either spill water on it or leave it outside and forget about it until a torrential rain beats the paper to bits. In other words, if you're like me in this sense, maybe you should also consider glazing. Modpodge would probably also be a good choice. Cost to complete: Next to $0. On to Simple Project #2: Sweet Hubby found this GLASS and MARBLE lamp curbside!!! Someone had thrown it aside because the shade was trashed - the fabric had dry rotted, was dirty, torn - you get the picture. But, the lamp (except for the finial part being a little bent) was in great shape. I ripped every shred removed all remnants of the old fabric and simply hand stitched strips of eyelet lace (I've had the eyelet lace for at least five or six years) vertically on the frame. Voila! The lamp is now in one of our spots at the Corner Nest (Elizabethton, TN) and sits in front of an ornamental metal thingy stretched across the window that separates this booth from the one next to us. Cost to complete: Next to $0. Until next time: Wishing you and yours many Blessings and happiness!