Thursday, November 8, 2012

Snow People, Open Houses and Rushing out the Door!

Just look at the sweet expressions on this vintage snow couple!  They were part of an estate buy-out and I fell in love with them immediately.  I kept them as part of our home decor last year but they will have a new home for this Christmas.  They were part of the Christmas items we took to Church Hill, Tennessee today for our booths at the Homestead Shoppe there.

We'll be leaving for Indiana next Friday to spend Thanksgiving with "the kids".  This means we have barely one week to get our spaces in all three shops ready for the big Christmas shopping weekend after Thanksgiving!  Plus, two of the shops have Open Houses coming up within the next three weeks!  

This beautiful antique lawn dress isn't part of our display.  I saw it today as I was wandering about the Homestead.  So wonderfully shabby and chic!  I had to share it with you.

Monday, November 5, 2012

Quilting, Babies and Shop Tending

If you know me even a little, you know I'm a camera-toting, picture taking woman.  When I was a little girl, I carried around a state of the art Brownie camera much like this one: 
If my memory is correct, the one I used had a little flip-thing on top that allowed you to look down at the camera to reveal your subject's image.  There was no flash to use, no special settings.  You just flipped up the little metal thing, looked down toward your stomach (yes, that's the general area where you were supposed to hold this camera) and snap the picture.  Oh yes, you were supposed to hold VERY still while taking the picture and your subject was supposed to hold equally as still.  But I digress.  I didn't mean for this post to focus on cameras.  It's supposed to just mention my propensity to take pictures.

Anyway, you know that I take a lot of pictures.  I also post a lot of pictures online.  You know I sew, you know I love art and enjoy creating.  You've seen the pictures.  Now I have another picture to share - it's a quilt I've been working on.  

 You won't find pictures of any other previous quilts.  I'm not a quilter.  At least, I haven't been until now.  (That little embroidery scribble you see is some freehand embroidery I decided to add to one of the blocks)  This one will be a surprise for my eldest stepson and his girlfriend.  They're having a little girl (his first child) this month.  

This is another one "in the process".  I'm working on two more quilts now.  Don't expect to see beautiful complicated looking quilts from me, though.    This quilting stuff is time consuming!  DO expect to continue to view pictures like this one:

This groovy-looking guy caught my eye at a recent estate sale.  He's handmade and the lady who had owned him  stood him on her front porch and used him to hold her mail.   I thought he would make a perfect stork to hold baby items or even baby gifts at a shower.  Later I realized that he's actually a pelican.  Oh well - makes as much sense to me for a pelican to deliver babies as it does a stork.

Speaking of babies, I will finally meet my first great grandbaby in a couple weeks.  This grandma has happy feet; I can hardly wait!

Meanwhile, I'm still getting things out of storage for Christmas displays.  Having spaces in one antiques shop keeps you busy.  THREE antiques shops makes you crazy.  Have you "liked" us yet on Facebook?