Friday, June 20, 2008

A New Home, A Question and a New Trash to Treasure

Today's post has some fun things, some serious things and a new trash to treasure project. The really good news is, regardless of what mood you're in, this post can comply! Yesterday was one of those days that you feel like you're on a bicycle, peddling as fast as you can and thinking that you're really getting something accomplished, and suddenly realizing that you climbed upon a stationery bike. You know the feeling, right? It started out ordinary enough, taking a few things to Elizabethton to add to our items at the Corner Nest Antique Mall.

While I was there, I ended up picking up a group of worthless computers that someone (who shall remain nameless) sold for waaay too much money to a friend of mine (who also shall remain nameless). My CCG (cute computer guy) had indicated that, although the things might have been worth all of five dollars, it was possible that a school could use them as trade-ins on some new units or that he might be able to extract some parts for later use. Well, my friend ended up just giving the computers to me and I ended up dropping them off to my CCG on the way home.

However, as we were unloading the computers, I got a call from the bank saying that it was possible to close a house today that my stepson has been trying to buy. Well, long story short, I spent a good part of the afternoon running him around, tying up final loose ends that seem to go along with closing a mortgage. Especially a mortgage that involved two special grants that equal $36,000.

It was several months ago that I shared with you the fact that this particular stepson has some severe mental disabilities. Here is proof that the American dream of owning a home can come true with perseverance and okay, a LOT of luck. If you know someone who is disabled but has the ability to live alone and wants to purchase a home, refer them to the CRA officer at their bank. You never know what assistance there is out there. I admit having reservations of my SS being a homeowner, but won't go into that. The fact is, he was able to buy a solidly built, affordable property with no money down. The grants serve as both a downpayment and source for closing costs. Here's a picture of him in front of the house. I fuzzied his face for his protection.
See how I get off on tangents? Anyway, after doing what I needed to get done to assure he could close today and help him with utility transfers, etc., the next thing was to go to where my husband works, trade my van for his truck, pick up our riding mower from the shop, take my SS back to his place so he could continue packing and get myself home to start dinner. Well, by the time I got back here, I decided there was no way that I was going to cook. When hubby got home, I told him we were going to our favorite Mexican restaurant to eat. Actually, it wasn't for the food. I needed a margarita.

You've been recruited to help me make a decision. Yep, you. If you're reading this blog, you're the one I'm talking to! If you had an opportunity to buy a vehicle that can go 100 miles on a gallon of gas would you? Okay, and if this was the vehicle, would you still buy it? (My gosh, are my thighs really that big?)

It comes with a storage thing that fits on the back of the seat, plus the seat raises up to reveal more storage and it even has a small glove compartment. Top speed is probably around 65MPH. I might not be able to load furniture in it, as I do my van, but I could strap a sizeable box full of glassware, doilies, and other small collectibles on the back and use it to go back and forth to the shops. Same thing with groceries - I couldn't fit a vanload of groceries on the back but could use a strapped-on crate to hold quite a bit.

What do you think? It doesn't come in pink, by the way. I checked. But there's an awesome red one that looks just like this blue one. Well, except that it's red, of course. Let's have a vote. What do you think??? THE POLL IS IN THE RIGHT MARGIN! PLEASE CAST YOUR VOTE!

Finally, here's a new trash to treasure idea: I stripped the wiring from this old floor lamp a looong time ago and then put it aside until I decided what to do with it.
Today, I decided it should be combined with a kitchen pot to become a flower pot. Old cooking pots can be picked up at yard sales for less than a dime. Sometimes you can find them in a box marked "free". All I did was poke a hole in the center of the bottom, position it over this little stem thing that was originally meant to screw onto something, add some rocks to help hold it in place, load it up with soil and add plants. Now it sits just outside my garden, in front of the screen door that is positioned next to the entrance. NOW, don't forget to vote for the motorcycle (it's 150cc, by the way) idea and LEAVE A COMMENT to qualify for the June Giftaway!


Janet Fish said...

Are you going to wear a helmet if you get that motorcycle?

I used to want one, now I have reservations about them. I used to ride on the back of a Harley. It was fun, back when I felt like nothing could touch me.

I do suggest the red one, of course, and that you get a red helmet too. AND, that you wear bright orange reflective clothing so you'll be easily seen.

Actually, I suggest looking up studies, if there are any, on what colors are most easily seen by drivers while out on the road.

That looks like a lot of fun. But it is probably pricey too, for the DIFFERENCE in gas prices, and the amount of your driving, how long would it take you to pay for it?

I'm assuming you couldn't use it for hauling much stuff out there, and that you couldn't use it on big grocery days, so you are still going to have to use your other vehicles.

BTW, you look adorable and sexy on that thing! You are so pretty.

Love, Janet

Sher said...

If I get it, I'll be sure to wear a helmet, although if I messed up my head I doubt if many people would notice! (I think it's the law, anyway.)

Bless your heart, now I REALLY wish you lived next door! I'll take compliments anytime! ;)

Janet Fish said...

Well, okay, but if you get one, then I might have to, because who wouldn't want one??? I mean, really. I'll tell Larry that you made me do it! LOL

Do they only come in blue or red? I'm wondering if we should get matching ones and form a motorcycle gang of hot, old Mama's.

Not that you're old. YOu are not old.

Love, Janet

Anonymous said...

Cool!!! What kind of bike is that... is that a Honda?

As long as you wear that helmet, and watch other drivers (they won't be watching you)... then heck ya! You'd look awesome as a biker babe!

Hey.. I've tried to email you regarding some recycle crafting stuff. Did you ever get the email?

~ Your favorite Knit Wit

Sher said...

Hey, KW! I emailed you back but used my Yahoo account. Check your spam or junk mail!
The bike isn't a Honda but kinda looks like one. It's an offbrand.
Your Fave Gramma!

Sher said...

Janet, they come in silver, black, and silver and black combined. There's probably more colors available, just not pink.
The motorcycle mama group sounds okay to me, but I kind of doubt if we're going to look real powerful, pulling up on an off brand bike that's only 150cc! LOL!
...a middle-aged mama club sounds cool...