Sunday, April 17, 2011

Lists and Lies Told to Me Growing Up

Bluebird in back of our house this morning. A branch is covering most of his head but it's the best shot I could get before he flew away. WHAA? Has it really been seven months since my last blog post? Yes, Sher, it has been. Stop acting like you're surprised. You know you've been doing other things ~ other things on your LIST and several other things that never made it to that almighty list. Yes, blogging has actually been sitting on my list of Things to Do for, well, at least six months. Other things like find, clean, repair and take items to the shop remain there as an ongoing task. Let me tell you, the antiques business is not one for get-rich-quick schemers nor is it a non-time consuming business. Actually, it's been a very busy winter for Sweet Hubby and me. The shop (the Corner Nest, Elizabethton, TN) continues to stay busy and our spaces have done extremely well. We ended up buying this made-over former U-Haul truck (It's either a 14 or 16 ft long truck, depending on how you measure) so we'd have a better way of hauling furniture. If you're on Facebook, I hope you "friend" the Corner Nest and me (find me under Sher Sison Miller). BTW, we're not D&D Hepard ~lol! ~ getting that lettering off is (hopefully) on my hubby's list. Something else accomplished: We finally got rid of that old hideous, embarrassing, worn and stained carpet that was probably in style at one time. We now have hardwood (okay, laminate, but we found it wears better and won't tear up under the stress of big bird cage wheels) flooring, a freshly painted room and a new couch! The wall is more yellow than it appears in this picture - I'll take more pics when I get everything back in place. Our NE Tennessee weather has been shifting almost as quickly as Hubby switches the TV channels. This morning was really nice and I took an opportunity to wander about in our yard and survey some of the havoc caused by winds we've had the last couple days. I kept a careful eye out for snakes. You know how terrified I am of the long, slithering, fangy things. This thought brought back one of the outright lies alleged truths I was told in my childhood. You know, the one about snakes being more afraid of me than I am of them. I'm also convinced that, if I I won't get hit by a truck if I don't have on clean underwear. (I choose to wear clean undies for other reasons. lol) While I was outside I shot a few more photos and made several mental notes. I'll share a few of my thoughts and notes for my "To Do" list. I sure wish I could blame this mess on the wind. Here's another clean up item for my list. (This is the NW corner of my largest garden) OMG! The most easterly end of the big garden. Having one of those "What was I thinking this time last year?" moments. Small flower garden between the house and back drive. Lots of weeds and wild strawberries in here. The wild birds like the strawberries. Am now wondering whether I should leave the strawberries alone. How did this happen over the winter? Where in the world did that broken bike come from? Why is Hubby dumping stuff in my garden under the old dogwood tree? (Adding to my list and not bothering to cross out bad words.) If you live in the area and feel like pulling weeds, come on over! Okay, even if you don't feel like pulling weeds, you're welcome to stop by!