Friday, October 31, 2008


It's Friday again and yes, I've been MIA for a week.  Sometimes the rest of my life gets in the way of my  blogging life.  I hate it when that happens!  But more of that later!  As for now, take a look at what I have listed for sale but don't forget to skip over to the other FRIDAY FLEA MARKET SHOPS to see what they are offering!  Many thanks to Polly at COUNTING YOUR BLESSINGS for doing such a great job of putting this together for us all!
Email me at if you are interested in any of the below items.  I accept Paypal, money orders and personal checks.
First up are these four vintage craft books from the early 60's:  
The two WorkBasket magazine pamphlets have a mix of needlework, knitting, sewing and even some trash to treasure items in them!  One lady sent in her method of gluing felt onto the tops of 16 bottlecaps and fastening them all together to serve as a hotpad.
Contents of the grey envelope features woodworking and of course, the fourth book has several crochet and knitting patterns included.
All four can be yours for $4.50, including first class postage.
Next up:  A CINNAMON YEAR, a colorful woodworking and painting booklet with specific instructions by Monika Brint.  You'll find lots of snowman and gingerbread patterns in here, along with kitty cats, trees, signs and more.
The original shop price of $8 is still on it but if you're interested, you can have it for $3.00, postage included!  
SEASONS IN TIME includes patterns and instructions for painting on fabric, wood and even glass.  The author, Janice Miller, teaches the step by step process of blending, stippling, layering and more!  Lots of pictures and lots of patterns in this one - you'll love her snowmen and Santas as well as the Spring and Summer designs.
This book is $5.50, including the shipping!
OLD-TIMEY EMBROIDERIES gives you transfers as well as embroidery instructions.  If you like country and/or primitive, you'll love the 16 designs included inside!
Shipping is included in the price of this one, too - $3.50 is all you pay!
None of these books have torn pages, marks, etc.  They're all in new condition because they've never been used!!!
Now, about my MIA status:  You've probably guessed that I've been busy with the shop, which is very true.  Our Christmas decorations are all up but I'm still making ornaments and most recently, these:
Do you know what they are?  (Psst - they're not pillows!)  
They're microwave heating pads.  Yep - pop 'em in the microwave for 2 1/2 - 3 minutes and you get a really warm (okay, hot) pad that provides moist heat for 20 minutes or longer.  Not only are they good to sooth muscle aches, arthritis pain, etc., they are really good to soothe the achey belly of a colic baby (watch the heat, though!).  
Small ones are great to push into your coat pockets during cold weather.  They keep your hands nice and toasty!
I'm still finding ways to use up all my fabric stash and people love these!  I took two to a couple of my neighbors this morning.  She's been having major back problems (just had surgery a few weeks ago and has to have another one now to find out what went wrong with the first one).  Another neighbor and close friend is having two hip surgeries so she'll get one later.  I give them to my friends and neighbors but sell them in our shop.  This 12 x 12 size sells for $5.99; I'll be making more of different sizes.
If you want one, let me know!  OR, if you want to make them yourself, all you have to do is sew a square, rectangle, or whatever shape you want (this is one of those great crafts that you really can't mess up) and stuff it with rice, feed corn, flax seed, crushed acorn shells, etc.  Stuff them so they're really plump so they'll hold the heat longer!  Make some for stocking stuffers!  
...and now I'm back to my sewing!



Hi Sher!!
Yes I have been thinking about you and was wondering what you were up :)
and your projects. My projects are lined up...waiting.. and here I am blogging...:)
Have a great weekend.

Judy said...

Hi Sher
I love your blog and especially the name! I was wondering if you still had the old timey stitcherie book? Also I love the old Avon bottle. I use to wear Cottilon cologne when I was a youngin and had a bottle simular to the one pictured. We grew up next to a lady who sold it for many many years! I can remember my Mom wearing the cologne Somewhere that Avon made. Awwwww the memories!!!