Saturday, October 4, 2008

Birds, Ornaments, Christmas and Dollar Tree

     Happy Saturday to you!  
     Besides taking care of routine things - around here, that means balancing check books online, feeding the parrots, picking up prescriptions, running the sweeper, making the bed, cleaning the kitchen - I've been rummaging through my studio, pulling out various supplies that can be used for Christmas ornaments.
    I left my "red" stage behind toward the end of summer (meaning, just a few short weeks ago) and am quickly regaining entry back into my "pink" stage.  This means that at least one of my tables downstairs is barely visible through all the pink ribbons, feathers, glitters, fabrics, etc.  It's a pink frenzy that could possibly be mistaken for a misguided former Mary Kay Cosmetics consultants' mad laboratory.  
     As you know, I'm really, really trying to not purchase additional arts and crafts supplies.  You also know that there are some exceptions to my rules.  In fact, there are probably more exceptions than rules.  Anyway, I'm low on little craft birds so it was absolutely necessary to visit Dollar Tree yesterday.  I found  cards with three white craft birds (doves, maybe?) on them!  Okay, granted, they were not the quality that you can pick up at, say, Michael's or Hobby Lobby.  But, if you douse them with a bit of white glue and sprinkle generously cover them with glitter, they're pretty cute.  
     Part of my stored stash includes a bunch of little (2-3") wreaths that I decided would make cute nice round swings for said birdies.  Here is what they are looking like so far:  
  You really can't tell from the pictures, but some of the birds remain white, covered with (none other than) white sugary glitter, while others are pink from (you guessed it) pink sugary glitter.
    Every time I think of pink birds I always think of the beautiful flamingo.  That's a lie.  Every time I think of pink birds, I always think of those pink plastic flamingos that were used to grace so many lawns years ago.  Then, I'm reminded of a time my guy friend and his buddy partied a little too much (which wasn't unusual for them back then) and set out on a plastic pink flamingo trek. I have no idea how many lawns they hit that night.  I can only imagine what those little old ladies had to think when they looked out onto their lawns the next morning to find their beloved plastic birds in what I will call compromising positions.
    See what happens when you get older?  Your mind involuntarily wanders to years and years (and more years) before and you remember things from then with a much crisper memory than the one you use to recall the things from the day before.  Not that I'm all that old, of course.  My BFF, Janet, refers to herself as being in the "Youth of her Old Age".  Maybe I'll start referring to myself as being in the younger years of my aging process.
        Okay, back to ornament making.  
     Being a bird person, I'd love to find a new and fresh way of using these birds in ornaments.  Any ideas?  I mean as cute as they are, birds on top of birdhouses, looking out of birdhouse holes, swinging in wreaths, and perched on shoulders have been done zillions of times.  Are there other ways to use them?  And no, don't say "Sure, in a stew..." - maybe we should have some kind of a contest.
    Which reminds me - I still haven't come up with this month's Giftaway package but everyone who comments on any of my October posts will be entered.
Oh - I almost forgot.  I have a dozen clear glass Christmas balls (bought at least five years ago), minus two that I broke, and am drawing total blanks - we're talking absolutely no brain activity here - on what to do with them.  I started these:
but I feel like I'm looking at vanilla gone bad.  Halp!
Hoping to come back tomorrow with Giftaway news...



Your birdies look sweet:) I'm still thinking about making a tassel and really don't know how to do it..and I have to find some yarns first. I'll have to study your post about making one..
Happy weekend.

I don't have any ideas today to help you out with the ornaments. I know you'll do something great with them:)

Anonymous said...

I have the same clear ornaments and am coming up blank also- i saw where they put popcorn in them but they really don't go with the pink theme. I love the zig zag shredded paper- what about some of that in the bottom - I wish the holes were a little bigger to be a cute little tree or ballerina or some such. Youll have to post when you figure it out -

The little birds are so sweet! Hey is there a way to make them real skinny then blow them back up in the clear ornament!!!!! :)

blessings to you


Judy said...

Hi Sher, I love you birds. Isn't fun to remember the "olden days" and all the antics we pulled. I have no idea what to do with you glass ornaments but I can hardly wait to see what you do with them.

Janet C. Fish said...

Those little birds are adorable, just adorable. The pink sugary glitter stuff I bet looks great. I'm a fan of pink.

As for the glass. I have wanted to do something with some for years, but I simply cannot think of a thing to do with them. If I come up with an idea that works, I'll let you know.

If I come up with an idea that's a disaster, I'll let you know that too, to save you the trouble. LOL

Painting the living room these days...... I have no taste....

KatCollects said...

The birds are very sweet when glittered. Some of my favorite glass ball ornaments are still the ones my Daughter and I made a few years ago. You just need some craft paint, 3 colors works best for each one. You squirt a little of one color in the ball and swirl it around a little then add the 2nd and 3rd color. You have to set them upside down and let them drain and dry for quite awhile. But you get beautiful marbelized ornaments.

Renee said...

Hi Gal,

Love your birdies, I like the lacey look too. For some ideas, why not attach the birdies to the bottom of a glass ornie - like they are flying with the help of a balloon?? or fill the glass ornies with pink glitter - first I decopage the inside (thin the medium some - or use white glue) and sprinkle the glitter inside, dump out the glitter that doesn't stick - then add the lace and pearls to the outside?? Another idea for birdies and glass ornies, is to take a digi picture of your birdie all fixed up (can even be swinging on the nest), then take to get the pic put onto acetate (clear plastic), make the image the size of the ornie (3 inch ornie - 3 inch circle) - then roll up the acetate and stuff inside of the ornie. Use a pencil to straighten it out inside the ornie. They look really pretty when they are finished. I used gallery glass paint to decorate the ornie, leaving just a space for the inside pic to show through. Kinda like a window - I made cross bars (mullions - can't spell, LOL) Wish I had a picture to show but they are all gone now. When I make my new ones for this year, I will post a pic, and let you know. Hmmmm - if I think of anything else, I will let you know. (Feel like I am leaving a book to read, *smile*)

Margo said...

Those birdies look wonderful. I'm having a contest over on my blog. Pop over and see if it's something you want to do.

View my blog at:

Marlene said...

Your little birds are too cute!!
I have seen the balls painted on the outside with squiggly lines & small circles in different colors.Also, you can fill them with colored potpourri.Keep us posted!