Saturday, October 11, 2008

Antiques, Redo's and a Possible Surprise Vacation

                      Hubby was off work yesterday so we spent most of the afternoon at the shop (meaning the Corner Nest in Elizabethton, TN).  The really good news is, our furniture and "smalls" have been selling almost as quickly as we set it up.  Of course, this also means more work for us.  I haven't met an antique piece yet that doesn't need something done to it, whether it's a good scrubbing, minor or major repair, etc.  
     Then, there are always the pieces that I really want to keep for myself - but can't.  We need a bigger house or one with elastic walls.  Of course, I took lots of new pictures for you to ooh and ahh over, if oohing and ahhing over primitives, beautiful antiques, cottage items, shabby chic, etc. is your thing.  Click on the picture of this dresser-I-wish-we-had-room-for to go to the album!
 I bought this cute little country bench off Craigslist   (click on your state to see what's available in your area).  I thought it would make a cute display for books, dolls, pillows, plants - almost anything that could sit on it.  So, I promptly painted it white (notice I started painting - as usual - and then remembered to take a picture) and took it to the shop where (of course) I forgot to take the "after" picture of it.   It's not for sale (at least, not yet) because I really need it for display right now.  When I got home I noticed that I did take a sideview of it in one of the pictures:Can you see it, over to the left, on top of that wicker chest?  It's right next to the brown wicker chair that Hubby refers to as our "Morticia Chair" because it looks like the one used by the Addams Family.
 This mirror really wanted to be black.  My hubby didn't hear it talking to me and couldn't understand why I wanted to paint this gold mirror another color.  Here's what it looks like now, with a little silver highlighting, thanks to Rub 'n Buff, as introduced to me by Joy, Joys of Home.
Hubby just called me from work.  Apparently a transformer blew this morning and approximately half the plant was left without electricity.  He said he's now hearing rumors that it will cost about $15,000 - AND one week - to replace it and that during that time, the entire plant will be shut down.  (*Shudders down our spines*)  I feel an unscheduled vacation coming up...  Why don't these things happen when we have an abundance of money and not after totalling our van, another vehicle and having to scrap our $600 14-month-old refrigerator?  Oh (a bright light goes off in my dark head)...because we never have an abundance of money, Well, I guess that explains that.
     My eyes are going crossed from staring into this computer screen.  I'll take that as a sign to shut up and sign off.  Later!


Judy said...

I love the shelf and I think the mirror wanted to be black too. I looks happy now!!

KatCollects said...

Great pictures of all your items in your shop. I hope it works out that you can have a little stress free and relaxing get away.


Hi Sher,
I like to paint my mirrors also and like the rub stuff you put on over the black. Always something going on for you...
Hope this will be a good one and glad to hear stuff is selling at your store. God provides:)

countrygirl3031 said...

Hi Sher...Wonderful pictures of all the things in your shop! Hope you'll be able to get away for a mini vacation! I'll be doing that this weekend...yah!!!!


Margo said...

Hi Sher. the contest e-mail is, not Maybe that's why it came back to you. I've rec'd some entries on it, so I'm assuming it is working.

fridayfleamarket said...

Is there ever a time when we have an abundance of money?? =) But a surprise time away sounds lovely to me! Blessings... Polly

Pink Slippers said...

Nice to meet you. I just found your blog. Off to read more of it.