Friday, October 24, 2008

Friday Flea Market, Court and Tattoos

     Are you wondering what these things all have in common?  In a word - nothing.  Well, nothing except for the fact that they are all part of today's post.
     Let's start with today's FLEA MARKET and begin by thanking Polly of COUNTING YOUR BLESSINGS for hosting this weekly event!  Click HERE  or the above logo to see  what others are offering!  
     I decided to part with my sweet little Avon Cotillion girl:  As I've stated before, I'm personally not a collector of vintage Avon bottles.  However, this one was so darned cute and feminine that I decided to hold on to it for awhile.    It's now time to let her move on.  She can be yours for a mere $6.99, which INCLUDES SHIPPING!  
     Also available for purchase is this awesome HANDBOOK TO LITERATURE, in absolutely perfect condition!  
Authors are Thrall & Hubbard, published by Odyssey Press.  A previous owners name, Rev Harold Ridge, is handwritten in red pencil on an inside cover page.   Price:  $6.25, including shipping!
If you're interested in either the book or the Cotillion girl, please email me at
COURT UPDATE:  Remember my 9-11 accident?  I was issued a citation for driving too close (which I wasn't) and for driving without insurance.  Of course, I immediately purchased insurance and was able to show this to the Judge.  Because of my clean driving record (well, clean except for a speeding ticket in 1971), my deputy dropped the driving too close charge (which, I repeat, I wasn't) and because I did purchase insurance immediately thereafter and because I've shown good faith in contacting the other guy's insurance company to reimburse him for damages (*Whew, long sentence breathing break!*), the Judge dismissed all charges.  IMPORTANT - INSERT HAPPY DANCE HERE!  
     No court costs, even.  Thank you, Lord!
     Do you have any?  
     I don't, and for a VERY good reason.  But tattoos are the craze among the younger set.  I snapped a picture of this clerk's tattoo last time I visited Dalton BookStore:
I didn't ask her if it hurt to have those engravings done in what I would think is a very sensitive area.  I just figured that yes, it hurt and it hurt a LOT!  I also presumed that no, she was not drunk or otherwise under any other substance influence when she had it done as I do know there are many steps that have to be accomplished in separate visits to accomplish multi-color body art.  (That's what it's called, you know - body art.  Just trying to be PC.)
When I was a young woman in my late 20's, someone who shall remain nameless because I can't remember his name (hey, it was the 70's!) tried to encourage me to get tattoo-ed at the bikini top bra line.  I must admit that I fleetingly considered a liittle rosebud tattoo.  That's when images of my great-grandma came hurdling into my mind.  You see, when I was growing up, she used to come visit us on the weekends.  I shared my bedroom with her and she was never shy about changing into her nightgown in front of me.  I would sit on the edge of my bed and we would chat and although she often repeated the same stories to me, I was most impressed by - well, the way she looked barechested.  
Keep in mind, I was young and very impressionable.  
And THAT, Girlfriends, is why I never got a rosebud tattoo.  I'm glad I didn't.  It would have been too darned depressing for me to watch that sweet little rosebud grow into a long stem beauty.
(Below, the tattoo of my son's BFF Pat.  He's ex-Navy.)


NJTomboy said...

WOW! Thank God that things are working out... better than can be expected!

NJTomboy said...

LOL we are posting at the same time... I didn't even think of it as a collection until you just said so... I even have a beautiful little girl one too.. She is so pretty.. I guess I do have a collection! LOL

NJTomboy said...

Ok - I am hogging up you comments now... LOL.

I always thought about an anklet or high armband tattoo.. but the thought that turns me.. is seeing old skin with old tattoos... I know, I know.. that's terrible...but I just don't want to be in my ripe old age sporting a skull and cross bones (NO - I would not have gotten those)... but you get the picture... LOL

Maybe one day I will get a henna.. but those wear away... with is the best thing about them.... but for now... no thank you.

Anonymous said...

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blessings to you! mary :)


Hi Sher,
That is such great news and so awesome...PTL...
Okay, I had to laugh about the tats 'cause I have a couple. one on my ankle and the other on my I THINK I'm safe from sagging at those spots :) LOL
Have a great weekend.

Janet C. Fish said...

Glad things went well. :)

I wanted a tattoo. I wanted it where it wouldn't show. I wanted it to really be a neat one, cool.

I wanted to never tell anyone about it, well, except I am sure Larry'd see it, and maybe a doctor. But I thought it would be cool to be this quiet old lady on the block with a hidden tattoo. My little secret.

wutthi.20 said...

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Counting Your Blessings said...

You're too funny (about the tattoo)! My oldest is nearly 18 and wants tattoos and piercings and I just keep telling him that since I have to consent, he can wait until he's of age or until he moves out. I don't want him to have any of them. Afterall, I went through 9 months of bedrest so that he'd turn out perfect =)

Blessings.. polly

Bebe said...

Hi Sher!
Just thought I'd come over and visit with you a little. That is WONDERFUL NEWS about your accident!! I'm so glad everything worked out well on that!!!! :)
I don't have any tattoos either and never seriously thought of having any when all my contemporaries where jumping on the bandwagon. It just isn't my style either!
Happy Halloween Hugs, Bebe :)


Hi Girlfriend,
Come visit me as I have something for YOU, my friend:)
Deb :)

Janet C. Fish said...

Where are you and what are you doing?

Love, Janet