Thursday, October 2, 2008

When Bad Things Go Worse, In Steps a Friend!

     If you've read my previous posts here, you know that a couple weeks ago I totalled our van and (probably, haven't heard yet) the car I hit.   Thankfully, we were able to find another van. We picked it up yesterday - a 2004 Chevy Venture.
     The insurance company representing the man I hit has yet to get back with me with his vehicle damage estimates.  I know things could have been worse - much worse - and I'm truly thankful neither of us was hurt and that the damage was to the vehicles.  However, I'm still faced with the fact that the accident will cost us several thousands of dollars. 
     As the adage goes, when it rains it pours.  See this?                 Looks harmless enough, doesn't it?  It's a Kenmore refrigerator that we bought July 4, 2007.  Sears was having an appliance sale at the time.  The price had been $595; we "saved" $100 by buying it on sale.
It came with a one year warranty and, of course, we were offered the "extended" warranty - which we turned down.  I'm familiar enough with these extended warranties to know they are just a means for the salesman to get a sizeable commission for each one he/she sells.  Also, in the case of the fridge, you have to have major problems with it (the same major problem) three times within a one year period for Sears to replace the unit.  Uh-huh.  Verbiage hidden deep in the warranty agreement.
     Besides, how long should a major appliance last?  Surely longer than one year, right?  
     Well, there is another five year warranty that comes with the purchase of the fridge itself.  No extra cost.  It covers things like the compressor, etc.   You know, major parts.  
     This refrigerator started losing its cooling power toward the end of July, just a few days after the one year warranty expired.  We adjusted the cooling temperature.  It helped a little.  Very little.  Approximately a month and a half later, we called a repairman who said that the problem was several major parts covered under that five year warranty.  *Whew*  Sigh of relief.  He ordered the parts and returned a couple weeks later to handle the repair.  That's when things turned ugly.  He had to drain the coolant in order to work on the unit.  Makes sense.  But, when the new parts were installed and he was ready to pump coolant back in, guess what?  He discovered the "real" problem was a clog in a tube that is encased in the wall of the refrigerator and not accessible.  The tube is not covered in that 5 year warranty.  But that doesn't matter, anyway.  It's not fixable because he cannot access it.  The fridge is now a worthless (well, not quite worthless - we took it to the scrap yard and were paid $11.25 for the metal).  
     Soooo, I was wondering what else could go wrong when I opened my mailbox and found a large box inside with my name on it.  Hmmm.  It looked too friendly to be a mail bomb.  The sender had taken the time to make a normally boring looking box interesting and sweet looking.  This was on the outside, next to the address label:
     And look what was inside:   
    A ribboned group of handmade cards, a sweet notepad, a darling little votive candle holder, chocolates - all carefully and lovingly wrapped in wonderfully feminine papers.  There are so many special touches in these cards - take a peek inside:                Each has a special little element inside that ties it with the face of the card.  How beautiful are these?!!!
     Someone knows me well, I'm thinking as I pull another enveloped card from the bottom of the box.
     Oh-my-gosh!  A THANK YOU card?  
     I'm puzzled but grateful. I should be the one thanking God and the sender!   When things seem dark, God sends me a friend to brighten it all up.  
     Thank you so very much, DEB!  You are such a treasure and I appreciate you so, so much!  
     When you think you need a boost or a blessing, sometimes you need only to look as far as your mailbox.  Sometimes it comes in through the post office, sometimes it's through cyberspace.  
     I love each of you!


Janet C. Fish said...

My own opinion is to not buy a Sears refrigerator. We bought one 6 years ago. It never was quite right, but we thought it was the local food, not the unit itself.

Finally, it started to smell. I told Larry that's it, I want a new one. We went elsewhere and bought another one, small. It works great, and we've not had one drop of milk spoil in it. Our Sears one was a dud.

That was a sweet gift you got in the mail. That was a loving thing to do.


Hi Sher,
What a bummer about the refrig :(
I don't buy the extended warranties either...maybe I should. The little gift arrived at the right time. God's timing:)
Have a great weekend...
Big hug..
Deb :)

KatCollects said...

Love the color of your new van. And I am very sorry about your refrigerator. What a sweet friend and a sweet gift, hang in there. Sending a hug your way.

NJTomboy said...

I have a 2004 Venture.. Thank God it's held up great!

Now we always get the extended warranties as we ALMOST always get the our frig services every year... just because the warranty says we can.... Now i was told you can get a warranty even after the reg. one has expired and still get it fixed... Problem is... is buying a warranty as cost effect as a service stop.. or just get a new frig? Sorry you are going through this.... :( Tell us what happens...

Nice goodies though! ;)


Sher said...

Thanks, everyone, for your comments. My thinking right now is in line with Janet's - I will never buy another appliance at Sears. Checking online consumer comments, I didn't find anything for Sears to brag much about.

BTW, the extended warranty wouldn't have covered the nonaccessible tube.

Yes, Deb is a great gal! I'm blessed to have her and the rest of you in my corner!


countrygirl3031 said...

Hi Sher...and we all love you too! Soooo sorry about the fridge. That Deb...she's the greatest! Perfect timing!


Melony at Whimsy Daisy! said...

Great blog. Put me in for that drawing please!

littlethings1 said...

So enjoyed your blog ! How awful to be in an accident , vehicles can be replaced , so glad no one was hurt! The horridness of dealing with the cost of it and all is definatly not fun! I had fridge problems also , grr , mine is a Maytag, the compresor went after one year ! I was so glad they replaced it !But I was without a fridg for two weeks ! That was a challenge !
Have a blessed week ahead !
The Little Things