Thursday, October 16, 2008

Tennessee Color and Santa's Coming!

It's definitely fall here in East Tennessee! Regardless of what the temps are , that's what the trees are telling me!
Here's what I get to see when I look outside my home office window:
...and a glance at the last of my back patio blooms:
One task that I'll need to tackle this weekend is covering patio and porch furniture and storing our outdoor pillows, etc.
Meanwhile, here's a peek at what I've been working on this week: I've been designing and sewing Christmas stockings (I don't use patterns and the variety of sizes and shapes reaffirms this).
I'm still working through my self-sanctioned task of using materiels that I've been hoarding for weeks months years. My stash of felt is slowly shrinking. VERY slowly. I still don't know quite how I'll use these little Santa bags but like the way they're turning out.
That group of old Christmas cards I've been saving for Lord-only-knows-how-long is finally getting recycled into new handmade cards. (Those of you who include me on your card mailing lists might recognize some of these.) I started a web album HERE if you want to see them.
Here's one I drew myself - I colored it and cut it out, then mounted it to cardstock for a 3-D effect:
And, of course, I still have rusty old tobacco tins to clean up and re-do.
Oh, yes - furniture that needs cleaning and spiffing up before it goes to the shop. (My Hubby cleaned up this old library table - somebody had actually glued contact paper to the top.)
Dawn dish detergent did a good job of getting the goop off without damaging the surface. This Restor-a-Finish is excellent for helping to remove water rings, etc., too!
Right now, we're off to the shop! See ya later!


Judy said...

What great stockings. I can't even think of Christmas yet. I admire you for getting everything started.

Sand Flat Farm said...

Hi! I was in your neck'o'the'woods this week - Nashville - visiting my oldest son! The trees there are definitely showing some color. Not much here in Texas. I love Tennessee and if I didn't live here near all my family, I'd love to move up there - all my parents' people are from the Chattanooga area. It's absolutely beautiful!

Love your stockings, but I don't EVEN want to think about Christmas yet! But you're a good ant - thinking and planning ahead! Vickie

NJTomboy said...

Oh I really want to visit Tenn... and my MIL live close... she's in Western NC...

Beautiful Projects lady!!!!

KatCollects said...

What a beautiful view you have. And your stockings are adorable!

Sand Flat Farm said...

Hi, Sher - to answer your question, NO, I haven't gotten my package yet, but to and from my little town, it always takes an extra day or two. I'm really looking forward to it! I keep checking the mail...perhaps tomorrow.... thanks!!!

Sand Flat Farm said...

Hey, Sher - I emailed you before I read your last comment - I'll check with my neighbors. I haven't seen them in a couple of days so I'll let you know! Darn, it's here and I haven't even seen it yet!

Judy said...

Hi Sher, I'm so glad you dried your herbs. I've been very pleased so far. I'm anxious to see how long they last. I got all of mine done before we had our frost last weekend but today it is 80 and I wish I had more to do. Of course Monday it is supposed to be cold and rainy and maybe some snow so they would not have lasted much longer. Let me know how the flowers do. I've been wanting to try some but haven't gotten around to it. Maybe tomorrow before the second round of frost gets here. Have a great evening.

Margo said...

Sher, Regarding the carriage, I actually think I could ship this item. I think the wheels come off pretty easily, and maybe the handle.
I'm wanting 75.00 for it. Let me do some research on the shipping costs, and take a look at it and see if it can be "reduced in size" any for the trip.
I also have the canopy hardware, but it's not in tact. I'd send that along too if you want it.
LMK if you are interested in the carriage at that price, and I'll see what shipping would be. Also, please email me your email address so we can talk about it.

KatCollects said...

Your Christmas stockings are beautiful, it's getting to be that time : )


Boy have I missed my blogging friends...and you have been very busy I see. Very nice stockings and nice CARD...Guess I need to think about Christmas...oh, wait..I need to get going on Christmas :)

Anonymous said...

Love those stockings! Thanks so much for coming by and taking a tour of my guest room! Seriously you are welcome anytime- reservations would be nice but not necessary!!!

blessings! :) mary