Friday, August 1, 2008


LOL, no, not that form and not those twins, Silly! Today we are "guests" at Tiffany's (Shabby Scraps) Show Us Your Form party. Be sure to hop on over there and check out her blog, as well as the blogs of all the party participants! We are all showing off our dress forms, proving for once and for all to her husband (and all husbands like him) that his wife is not nuts and that there are several more of us nuts women who are just like her and who love our old dress forms as well as other vintage items! Thank you, Tiffany, for putting this together!!!!
So, here I am with who what I call my fraternal twins, Myrtle and Maybelle. As have other "Moms" of their beloved forms, I have recognized and love their alikenesses as well as their differences.
Maybelle is very much the Southern Belle. She loves to hang around my kitchen, as she is very much a homebody who takes great pleasure in cooking and baking (on my sparkling new stove!). You can generally find her standing behind the kitchen table, next to the pie safe where she can keep an eye on her guests, ready to serve up second helpings.
(The next sentence is to be read with a drawl similar to Rue McClanahan's when she played Blanche in TV's the Golden Girls.)
She delights in wearing vintage aprons and loves large garden hats that protect her delicate self from the rough summer elements of the deep South.
Next is Myrtle. Myrtle is aware that she is a larger size than Maybelle but will never admit that she's a bit jealous of the fact that Maybelle is more petite. Myrtle is a party girl who entertains a lot , which probably explains why her favorite room in the house is the den where my husband's collection of 33 1/3 record albums are kept. She loves the summer heat; it gives her a reason to wear little spaghetti-strapped dresses that show off her back and shoulders. She also has an obvious addiction to pearls and other jewelry, which she insists on wearing in layers. And layers.
This is Princess Aretha.
She is an African Princess and, being a true princess, has no other function than to look beautiful and serve as decoration in my sewing studio.
Last but not least is Kitty, better known as Miss Kitty. She's a former dance hall girl who has decided to to leave the job of entertaining to Myrtle but alas! She has a terrible addiction to needles. I try to keep her busy close to one of my sewing machines. I really have to watch her, though, as she seems to always sneak over next to the telephone.
And now you have met and seen my forms in all their glory! Be sure to hop on over to Shabby Scraps and say "hi" to everyone there!
Don't forget to check back here a little later for a second post! The winner of our July Giftaway will be announced then!



You sure have a fun collection of form. Who knew and my are they Dressed!!! It's fun to see how much fun you gals can have with your collections. Thanks for sharing.Warmly, Deb

just being crafty said...

Love your dress forms and I think that Maybelle is my favorite. Have a wonderful weekend.


tiffany~shabby scraps said...

I am so glad blogger finally decided that you are not spam, so I could see your forms! they are so lovely! Thanks for helping nadia and I in our cause!
xoxo, Tiffany