Saturday, August 2, 2008

July Giftaway Winner and Blogger Agrees I'm not SPAM!

What a weird couple of blogging days these last two have been! First, I can't post anything because Blogger robots mistakenly identified me (and, apparently many other bloggers) as being robotic SPAMmers. As a result, I was banned from posting until they discovered a "bug" in their system. Then, almost as quickly as I was exonerated, Internet Explorer started weirding out with messages that it couldn't even open my blog (again, along with others).
Well, hopefully, it's all straightened out and I can not only access my blog again, I can post that the winner of the July Giftaway is Deb, GARAGE SALE GAL ! Congratulations, Deb! Please email me at with your snail addy so I can get your package in the mail!
Have you all had as much fun as I have surfing all the great blogs that participated in yesterday's SHOW US YOUR FORM party? Our host, Tiffany, has such a great story behind the party! I do hope you've been able to read about how she acquired Nadia (her last form) and am anxious to learn her husband's reaction to the over 50 bloggers who participated!
When I took my morning (camera) stroll this morning around our yard, I was greeted by nearly a dozen butterflies happily sharing my largest Butterfly Bush.
There were also honey bees on many of the sunflowers. Being allergic to their sting, I never thought I would miss those buzzing creatures but was really happy to see them this morning. Amazing to think that people in other countries are being forced to hand pollinate their plants! If you haven't yet heard about the great possibilities of the honey bee growing extinct, check out this article or google other sites for more info. Approximately 1/2 of their population here in the U.S. has disappeared between 1971 and 2006. Just think - what would happen to our fruit and vegetable supply without bees to pollinate? Scary stuff, and yet another large reason for us to be aware of what is happening to our planet.
My monthly blog Giftaway continues! Leave a comment to qualify; the package contents will soon be posted!


countrygirl3031 said...

What wonderful pictures! We just moved and I sooooo miss my butterfly bush. I really need to start working on my garden...but then again, I'm still unpacking boxes...yuck!

Hugz and Happy Sundy!



Hi Sher,
WOW, HIP HIP HURRAY, I am so excited that I WON your wonderful giveaway :):):) I was just whinning that I haven't won anything and then, I DID !!!
I'm doing the 1000 Blessings that I read at Polly's - Count your now I'm counting this at a BLESSING....THANK YOU
Warmly, Deb

Robolady said...

Hi, I've been having trouble with my blog too. Sometimes in Firefox I can't view my pics, or stuff disappears from my side bar. then miraculously the next day they are all back. I've always said, "I can make computers do things that no body else can make them do, and I have no idea how". Love the butterflies.

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