Thursday, August 21, 2008

Bits and Pieces, This 'n That

It's been a few days since I've posted so I thought I'd share with you what I've been doing. Remember our peach-laden peach tree? If not, here's a reminder pic:
We have a similar tree toward the back of our property and it, too, had to have its limbs propped up to prevent the branches from breaking. Well, the peaches have been falling off the tree faster than we can pick them. Our next door neighbor told us her freezer can't handle anymore; we gave them at least four bushels. We gave several bags to neighbors behind us, neighbors across the street and even to a couple people who stopped by asking if we would sell any. We ended up giving them about a bushel and a half and they left overjoyed. I'm out of room in my freezer so I've resorted to canning the rest.
This isn't all of them - there are still several on the tree and they are awaiting their turn in my canner.
Then, one evening I decided to embroider the words "Nice Counts" for another pillow. I love tone-on-tones and decided to use some of my pink fabric stash, then decided it needed some "bling" around the edges. I like the way it looks but boy, was it tedious to handstitch this little rope of beads "in the ditch" (meaning it was stitched along the seams).
I found an old octagonal box (oops, I spaced the before picture!) at a yard sale for a dollar. I don't know why in the world I was attracted to it, it was filthy and needed repair. I cleaned it up, discovered the repair job was an easy one, then it told me that it really wanted to be made pretty. It already had the little white ceramic knob with it, so out comes the pink spray paint, a cute little doily to serve as a resting spot for the knob and voila! I love it! It's now sitting on my dresser, being cuddled by this old faceless doll. Oh, almost forgot - maybe soon I'll have some updated shots of my sewing/craft studio. My hubby hung a "new" vintage cabinet for me today, giving me more storage. I'm really trying to get it organized in there. But look what he did last night while I was trying to move things around to make room for the cabinet: No, Silly, I'm not married to this bird. The bird is Bailey, our cockatoo - you've seen him before! Get a load of what he's doing. Hubby gave him a whole slice of pizza! He thought it would make a cute picture. Of course, Bailey loved it and ate quite a bit of it.
Speaking of birds (and also neighbors), the lady next door knows I love birds and antiques. She saw this at a yard sale and said she had to get it for me. Isn't that sweet of her? It's sitting on a shelf above my computer. I have at least another day of canning peaches, then I'll be on to some new projects.
What have you been up to lately? (Remember, leaving a comment will get you entered in this month's Giftaway!)


Anonymous said...

Oh i love that box! It looks like a vintage sewing box maybe? It looks lovely now!!
I thought I had lost you forever in the blogging world as I couldn't find your blog for some strange reason (my strange mind) then , duh, looked on my favoite bookmarks- there you were- who would of guessed! I'll use the excuse that I have fibromylgia and with that comes foggy brain!!!Needless to say I am going right over to my blog and putting you on my favorites!

:) mary

Judy said...

I'm envious of the peaches, can I pretty please have some too!! I love the pink box. I agree it looks like a sewing box. Have a great day and enjoy all those peaches!!

LINDA said...

Stumbled upon your site and must say I am enjoying what I see. I wish there was just one peach tree in our neighborhood. I'd rob that bad boy! LOL
Seriously, there is a pear tree across the street in the playground and nobody ever picks them. Soooo-we do. We juice them and add to apples which are plentiful at my sisters.
The little box is adorable. You have given me an idea.... I will be back, if it's alright, to check out your blog. I think I can learn much here.


Hi Sher :)
Your bird is so sweet and I didn't know birds ate pizze!! Love your little pillow and can't wait to see your craft room...mine is still a mess. Don't know when I'll get anything done in it. Have to wait for the husband to do the sheetrock, etc...probably next year :( Your little trinket box is cute too. Have a nice Sunday :)
Warmly, Deb :)


Hi Sher,
I see you change your banner..nice pictures :)
Come visit me ... I have something to give you:)
Warmly, Deb

Charm and Grace said...

OK, Sher, I am trying hard not to be... but I am just the teensiest bit jealous (maybe not really so teensy) of all those juicy, wonderful looking peaches! MMMMM... my favorite summertime fruit! I can hardly believe I have only had them once this year. That is tremendous that you have a freezer full and jars, too. Thanks so much for stopping by the Cottage and leaving such a sweet comment about my artwork!


Counting Your Blessings said...

That "in the ditch" business could make ya crazy "in the head" =) But it turned out so lovely!! Blessings... Polly

misselaineous said...

Hi the new look of your blog...went to the site to check out cutest blogs, but my brain is too tired to figure out how to get a new background! maybe tomorrow?? :o} peaches look yummy...I have never had a peach fresh from the grapefruit, yes...but never a fresh peach!! enjoy *elaine*

Sher said...

Mary Ellen, I guess it could have been a sewing box. I never even thought about what it was used for, just thought it was sweet! LOL! Meanwhile, it's still empty! I'm glad you're back!!!

Judy, come on over! We're almost out of the peaches now but the pears are ripening really quickly!

Linda, I know you!!! My new look must have caught you off guard! LOL!

Hi, Deb! Thanks for the compliment on the pillow! (You must be a pillow person!) My craft room is slowly emerging from under all the "stuff". It will still be awhile before it's "picture ready"!

Christi, your artwork is fabulous and you, too, are welcome to come on over for pears! Thank Goodness, the peaches are gone!

Polly, you're right, that stitching does make you a bit gooney-acting after a while! Sadly, it's not much of a difference for me...LOL! Thanks for coming by!

Elaine, fresh grapefruit sounds terrific to me! Do you have a grapefruit tree?

Thanks again to all of you for commenting, and you're all entered in the monthly drawing!