Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Wait! Don't Go...

You're in the right place! I just decided to (finally) change my banner and, thanks to the Cutest Blog on the Block I have a new layout. I like the layout but haven't quite decided about the banner. What's your opinion? Maybe I should actually pay someone to do a banner for me...
The layout itself is free! How cool is that? Plus, all you have to do is "cut and paste" to use the layout.
Well, this past weekend was Nascar time here in east Tennessee. I never go to the races (just like, when I lived in Indianapolis, never went hardly ever went to the Indianapolis 500. (I think I may have been to two actual "500" races, although I'll admit calling in sick to work on a few occasions to watch the qualifications. I always reported back to work with a tan...)
The one thing I do enjoy about the Bristol races is the flyover that the Air Force does before each major race. Three jets circle over the Speedway (and our house) several times and it is an awesome sight and sound.
The only thing I accomplished today was more peaches canning. Okay, I did get a few other things accomplished, but canning is the only thing that will get noticed. Regular housework is one of those things that nobody notices unless it's NOT done. I knew you'd know what I mean. It and laundry are completely thankless jobs.
I've had a few of you either email me or call me to make sure I'm okay. I think it's awesome that you care enough to check on me! But I've been fine, just knee-deep in canning. Here's a corner of my basement pantry:
And, would you believe, I'm not finished yet?! Next on the agenda: PEARS! Know any good recipes? I tried a recipe last night for peach upside down cake. It didn't have a bad taste but it tasted kinda doughy and reminded me of bread pudding my great-grandma used to make us when we were growing up.
A couple of weeks ago, Hubby and I were complaining to each other that the fruit on our apple trees were looking more like crab apples than Granny Smith. I'm now beginning to think this might be a blessing.
I know this is a short post (for me). Tomorrow morning's plans include a trip to the shop to rearrange, "fluff" and add to our inventory, then on to a hair appointment at 11:00. Tomorrow afternoon should be relatively "free" (we all know that, to a housewife, "free" simply means grocery shopping, cleaning and every day things that have to be done that never make it on a to do list because every day things look silly on a to do list). I'm hoping to squeeze in some blogging time in there.
'Till then,mysig


countrygirl3031 said...

Hi have been a very busy lady lately!!! I love your near header...too cute! We have a crabapple tree too and I'm trying to find recipes..there are a ton of them and I hate to waste 'em.


pegtn said...

I love the new look. Its very nice. Your peaches look wonderful too! You will appreciate all the hard work that went into canning them this winter when you are eating peach cobbers, peach pie, etc. Have a good day.

Sher said...

Hi, Michele! That's the problem - this isn't a crabapple tree! LOL!!! It usually yields some wonderful Granny Smith type apples, wonderful for baking. But not this year!

Thank you, Peg! You're right, those peaches will go into baked items this winter and will be part of a baked goody platter for my neighbors' Christmas.



Hi Sher,
I really like your new banner, just can't read your blog name that well. Have "fun" canning those peaches, yummy :)and I'm glad that you have busy :)
Warmly, Deb :)