Wednesday, August 13, 2008

LOTS of new Photos and a Teaser Look at this Month's Giftaway

Hi, everyone! I just got back from taking a load of "smalls" (dishes, knick-knacks, etc.) to the Shop (aka the Corner Nest in Elizabethton). It's been several weeks since I've taken pictures of the various booths and thought you might want to grab a cuppa, sit back and enjoy a tour. If you see something you think you might be interested in, email me with the photo number and description of the item. I'll check to see whether it's still available and will let you know the price, etc. Remember, not all these items are mine! I've yet to tag the pictures but if you're anything like me, you're happy checking out the goodies and usually ignore most of the written information, anyway. August 2008 - Corner Nest
It's also been awhile since I've posted any furniture re-do pix. What do you think of this beauty?
Pretty ugly, huh? I bought the top and the bottom separately and can't remember which one I purchased first. I do remember my husband telling me, as he looked over each piece, that I had crawled completely out of my mind. (Oops, I can't find a "before" pic of the bottom...) Anyway, fast forward several months to last week when I asked him to pull certain items out from our storage barn. After vacuuming out dead bugs, dirt and spider webs (I know, eewww!), I gave both pieces a good cleaning, painted them and "married" them together into a poor man's Hoosier cabinet. Here is the result(s) as it now sits in our shop:
Speaking of "marrying" - you've seen part of my ridiculous stash of fabric. While I was in a productive mood, I pulled out a couple of pinkish-reddish pieces and decided they'd make a really sweet throw pillow. A vintage doily serves as a great pocket to store a remote control, love note or flower sprig in. I like my pillows to look pretty on both sides, so the opposite side has a vintage pink button in the middle as an accent. Yep, it's one of the smalls I took to the shop today. To be perfectly honest, handmade pillows don't sell real well unless it's for a certain holiday, like Christmas. People seem to eat up the snowman pillows. I just like to make them. This little lamp is one of my trash to treasure remakes, of sorts. I love Beatrice Potter and the little Peter Rabbit theme on the base. The shade, however, was a little dingy and very plain-looking. It cleaned up really well, though, and I added a strip of green ribbon to the top and the bottom. It still didn't look right. Finally, I turned to my over-abundance of silk flowers and found a couple stems of these cute little blue daisies. I think it would make a really cute little accent light for a baby's room. Okay, finally here's some teaser photos of this month's Giftaway. I know I said I'd reveal the entire package soon. And I will - soon. But for now, here's a partial look: A cute little gold-leafed vintage bowl, just the right size for little trinkets, some candy or just for display. The winner will also get this pair of votive holders: They don't look like they match the bowl, do they? Well, okay, they don't. But trust me, they really go together well. And they could be yours if you leave a comment and your name is pulled at the end of the month. Remember, this is only a part of the Giveaway. What else will the winner get? (Excuse me while I lower my head in shame...) I don't know yet. I still haven't put it all together. But it will be a nice package. 'Till next time!


Judy said...

How exciting, I'm the first to comment. I love your pictures and your giveaway is going to be absolutly wonderful. Have a great evening and thanks for the visit.

countrygirl3031 said...

I absolutely love that top and bottom's adorable!!!
And that pillow is to die cute!



Hi Sher,
I love Hoosier's and have one in the kitchen. You are so talented to combine those pieces and the green is nice. Your pillows are very nice. I like the pocket!!and I also like that you "do" the back ! Since I won last month, my name doesn't need to go in this month. I'll let someone else win your nice treasures :) :) I'd love to come to your shop and Shop!
Warmly, Deb

Sher said...

Deb, that's really sweet of you to forfeit a chance in this month's Giftaway. Thanks for the compliments, too! Let me know if you get a chance to make it out this way; we'll hit all the shops together!

Michele, thank you! I really enjoy making pillows; you can let your imagination go with embellishments!

Hi, Judy! Good to see you again, too! Stay tuned for more Giftaway pictures; the items I showed were only part of the one for this month!


Joanne Kennedy said...

Wow! Where have I been. I seem to have missed several of your posts. I just spent time playing catch up. So fun! You are so funny. Love the remote post.

A giveaway! Again? Wow! How sweet of you. I love what you have shown us so please sign me up.

I'm gong to post a link to your giveaway on my blog for you.


LINDA said...

I love the view into the shop. Thrifting and antiquing are just 2 of my passions. Thanks for sharing and thanks for letting me enter this sweet giveaway. I look forward to more visits.