Monday, May 19, 2008

A Wordless, Pictureless Week

Disaster struck our household last Saturday morning. My computer went belly-up!

First, it wouldn't stop running. The sound it was making reminded me of a car engine that was idling 'way too fast. It wouldn't reboot, then it wouldn't turn on at all. Belly-up. Lifeless. Dead.

I became transfixed on Monday morning. Forget appointments, weekend laundry, grocery shopping and housework. Nothing was more important than getting the computer well and running.

Luckily, the first call I made struck gold. I was able to find a wonderful genius computer doctor, one who understands and actually enjoys working on computer guts.

Computerless for a week, my life as I had come to know it was completely changed. No more email communication, blog surfing. But, to my own surprise, I came to realize how much I depend on this wonder of technology. For example, Jerod (the computer genius) gave me excellent directions to his location - a good thing, since I could not mapquest it. Information on gasoline prices, Obama vs Clinton, stock news would have to wait for the 6:00 News. Strawberries were on sale but I could not remember how "safe" they are for a diabetic's menu. (Where in the world did I put those charts? If I had my computer, I could look it up in a matter of seconds.) My son put in an offer on a possible investment property. Too bad I couldn't look it up on the net! This was the week for me to check on stove prices. What? Spend gas money and time to drive around to comparison shop? No way! And this is still Monday, not yet 2:00!

As it turned out, my processor was fried, which (after a conversation with my son who lives two states away) was expected. The motherboard was damaged; the power supply was doing its job but, for good measure, I had it replaced. By Saturday afternoon, a whole week later, my computer was once again home on my desk and running smoothly.

Here are some pictures I would have posted last week: Baby robins: My iris are all in glorious bloom: Too bad azalea blooms last for only a few days: I love the pink bush behind our home, but we also have yellow, orange, and red bushes as well. Have a wonderful week!


Janet Fish said...


and the crowd roars!!!!!

I'm so happy you are back. I truly enjoy you, and I truly enjoy your blog.

Nice pictures, and I"ll comment more later. Lately life feels like I'm walking on glue that never dries, hard to move one foot, then the next foot sometimes. But on we go! What an adventure we are having getting through life.

Irma's Rose Cottage said...

Glad to have you back. Love the pics of your flowers, soooo pretty.
Hope the rest of the day turns out great.
Keep in touch.

Hugs :)


Janet Fish said...

The crowd has grown silent in anticipation..........

Sher, where ARE you? Is your computer acting up again? I've found that if I threaten to toss mine in the river, it straightens right up.

Miss your fun and wise words and more pictures of your daily encounters with goodies and nature.

Love, Janet