Monday, May 26, 2008

GIFTAWAY Package and (my) Casual Attire

First, let me apologize for the delay in posting the pix of this month's Giftaway. They were supposed to be posted yesterday. I didn't mean to lie; I just got sidetracked. I had noticed Saturday morning that several different cars were traveling up and down the hillside; we have only three sets of neighbors living up that way so it wasn't difficult to figure out that something had happened to one of them. One of the elderly ladies had passed away during the night. Her husband, who is in ill health himself, is totally devastated. They were very devoted to one another. Anyway, I whipped together a casserole and a sympathy card and sent it up the hill. (You'll see why I didn't deliver it myself, later.) The rest of the day was mostly spent pulling weeds (what else?). Without going into a lot of detail, my hubby counted over 11 wheelbarrows full. Not just eleven, over eleven. Chocked full of weeds. My weeds, pulled by myself. Oh. Almost forgot - there was a slight interruption when I helped a farmer round up four of his runaway cows. Actually, all I did was run them out off the neighbors' property and back down onto the road. Hubby and stepson took it from there. But, I digress. Back to the Giftaway. Here's what the winner will receive:
  • Piano-shaped music box - one of my faves, but I can't keep everything I love, so I'll share with you.
  • A small-ruffled, delicate-looking white vintage apron Mini-pitcher
  • Handmade soap, made by Susan in Indiana - Too bad you don't have a scratch 'n sniff monitor.
  • Beaded pink necklace
  • Vintage wooden spools, a couple with thread
  • Some of my handmade wax-scented tags ...and probably a surprise or two!
The little pitcher will have vintage buttons in it. Scroll back to earlier posts and you'll see a better picture of the sweet vintage apron. Speaking of vintage: How casual is my casual attire? When I worked outside the home, I very rarely wore pants to work. My office attire consisted of dresses and skirt-suits. My daughter referred to me as her "fancy" mom. My attire nowadays? Shorts, jeans or capris with a casual shirt or Tshirt. If I know I'll be working mostly outside, I'll wear something similar to this (Saturday's outfit): My very favorite Tshirt has no armpits under the short sleeves, a totally ripped up and almost off neckline and holes throughout. Did I tell you that, when we first moved here, one of my neighbors gave me an armload of Tshirts? True. She probably thought I didn't have anything decent to wear while doing yardwork. She isn't snobby or snooty, she's very sweet. I'm sure she thought she was helping me. The thing is, I prefer oversized T's, very lightweight. Hey, it gets hot on this hillside and I dress for comfort while I'm crawling around on my knees. :-) Thus is the reason I had someone else deliver the casserole to my neighbor. I just didn't think my weed-pulling attire was suitable for meeting my neighbor's family and church members. LEAVE A COMMENT to qualify for this month's Giftaway and have a glorious Memorial Day!


Janet Fish said...

Okay, We are half a country apart, so maybe our working uniform will catch on. I have shirts like that, or had. I'm working on a newer or newish batch.

I'm clothing challenged anyway. I have no taste, sadly enough. Oh, I'm not putting myself down, or you down either. I know you have taste. One of us had to get it, right? I just have none. I'm awfully lucky that my husband has no taste either. We muddle along.

We do watch hgtv sometimes, and marvel at how people go into kitchens and talk about how "dated" they are. What the heck is "dated" about a functioning kitchen?


Sher said...

I thought you looked stylish when I saw you! But then, I probably had on one of my favorite outfits. Maybe it IS true, that everything is relative...LOL!

Janet Fish said...

I looked stylish? Oh my, you are further gone on the fashion scale than I realized. LOL

I don't remember what I was wearing, but since I was visiting and had only driven from Norcross, GA, maybe I hadn't wilted too badly yet. Maybe I put something on that fit for a change. LOL I don't remember at all what I wore on that trip.

countrygirl3031 said...

OMG Sher, I have the same kind of t-shirts and I absolutely love them. And it never fails that if I go run to Walmart or somewhere for something quick, I ALWAYS run into someone I know...but oh know me is to love me as I say!!! Love reading your blogs!!!