Friday, May 30, 2008

Last Day to Enter Giftaway, Stove Searching and Shoppe Stuffe

Just a reminder that today is the final day to enter to win my May Giftaway package! Leave a comment to be eligible for the drawing!

Remember that, a few posts ago, I indicated that I need - make that really need - a new stove? I've been looking and searching for the best deal. The last two days, hubby and I physically checked out several locations having their Memorial Day/Week appliance specials. Would you believe that, each time I found what I wanted, that particular model was out of stock? It happened at least five different times. Yes, I could order and wait for one to come in but nobody could have one to me before the middle of June. I can't see waiting and paying delivery fees, not when we have a truck and can haul it ourselves.

I love cooking with gas but gas isn't available in this area so an electric stove is obviously the only option. Raise your hand if you hate cleaning drip pans! Uh-huh! Me, too, which is why I decided to go with one of those level ceramic top stoves.

The only drawback I can see with them is, they're not made to support the added weight or longer cooking time needed for canning. I'm thinking about moving my current stove into the basement and using it for canning. IF I ever find a suitable stove that's in stock, that is. If any of you have experiences with the ceramic tops stoves that you'd like to share, I'd love to hear them. Good or bad, please let me know!

We yesterday were also able to finally get a couple of large antiques out of the house (out of my way!) and into the shop in Elizabethton. Here's what we added: This server is a good looking piece of yesterday. The top was badly stained, so hubby reworked the top (lots of elbow grease) and made it shine once again. We got it for a decent price so we are offering it at a decent price ($97). If you're in East Tennessee, be sure to stop in at the Corner Nest in Elizabethton. I love, love, love this old time dresser. Isn't it gorgeous? It was missing knobs and one of the drawers didn't fit properly. There is a "ding" in the top where a piece of the wood broke off. This one is only $115. Yes, we know we could ask more (and get it) but we really do try to do right by people and hope for the same in return.

I've posted new pics of the tea room here if you want to take a look and have also added pictures of the rest of the shop in another album. Just click on the one that says "Corner Nest, 5/2008".

The rest of this morning (or about an hour of it) is reserved for scrubbing my kitchen floor. Ugh. I'm off to get it over with! Have a great weekend, I'll see you tomorrow with the name of this month's Giftaway winner!


Janet Fish said...

I take it you have an electric stove now? I have forgotten. I just know that whatever you are using must work good, because you are a great cook.

We had one of those white Corning ceramic top stoves for years when we lived in California. It worked quite well. The problem was that if something boiled over or spilled, we got burned stuff on it that we simply couldn't get off.

Maybe they take that into consideration when making them now.

I saw the oven I want. Man alive, it's NICE. Of course I'd have to pawn my firstborn to get it, and he probably wouldn't go along with that, being as how he's a grown up with a family of his own now....

I don't can, so have a cheap electric stove that does the job. But you'd never be happy with mine, because you do so much more, so much better than I do.

In fact, someday when we live in the same neighborhood and I invite you to dinner, I'll have you do the cooking too. LOL

Love, Janet

Sher said...

Still no stove - unless you consider two working burners a stove. BUT...we have a nice grill! ;-)