Monday, April 7, 2008

Some Re-dos and T2T (Trash to Treasures)

This little dresser is finished! It has a mirror that needs to be mounted to it (Yep, it's finished, too!) but we'll mount it later in the shop. Much easier to transport that way! I'll show another picture when it's all set up. I love this color and how easily the paint went on and covered the blemishes! The color was an "Oops" mix but the brand is Valspar. This is a little planter that can be used as a mail holder, etc. Someone had applied the crackle finish before I got it. Okay, let me go on record as admitting that I do like some crackle work but - remembering what the crackle finish is all about, which is to imitate the look of old crackled paint - well, this is just 'way too crackly for me. I had to give it a new paint job to cover the over-do of crackling. (All this crackling talk sounds kinda witchy, doesn't it?) What do you think? Before or after? Tell me the truth, I can take it. Finally, I had this little bell-shaped glass thing that had been sitting on a shelf in my studio doing nothing except keeping that particular spot free of dust. Having absolutely no idea as to what its original purpose was, I grabbed a clear flat glass crafting piece and glued it to the top. And now, it is a cute little cloche!

Look at the top right side of this page and you'll see a firkin that I just listed on Ebay (last night). It's only a 3 day auction! (If you're interested!)

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Janet Fish said...

Could you 'splain the cloche more? I don't get it.

I like cracklie paint, but have never used it. I think I must try that sometime. The thing you painted over, yes, I agree, I like it better smooth I think.

What should I crackle paint? Larry worries when I get a new idea. For a long time he was afraid to stand still for fear I'd paint him. With the crackle paint idea, he prolly thinks his face has enough crackles. LOL He doesn't get carded for the senior discounts in restaurants. LOL

Sher said...

Janet, a cloche is what you call those glass dome-style things you put over things to keep the dust out. They're getting more and more popular.
Crackle paint, well, you could buy stuff that makes it crackle or you could take the cheap way out and use any ol' cheap glue (Elmer's?). You can water it down a little and paint the glue on top of whatever you want to crackle. Wait 'till it dries "tacky" and then paint one coat, one direction only, on top of the glue. Make sure the color of the paint under the glue is the color you want to show through under the crackle.

cwalkie said...

I love the dresser. The color is great. Don't cha just love oops paint.

Thrift Shop Romantic said...

I actually kind of prefer the crackle paint version, but the white is nice as well. It really depends on what you're going for.

I didn't know you could use watered down Elmer's to make things crackle... amazing.

Gail said...

nice dresser... I'm actually working on one as I write this. It's out in the driveway waiting for a second coat of paint, and being addicted to t2t, I had to come check the message boards, and I saw your post!
I was really surprised when I saw one nearly like mine. However, on mine the mirror was broken. I bought one at a thrift store and was going to have it cut. But I've decided to purpose mine more like a desk. I have a piece of glass that fits real nice over the top.
Going to display it with a laptop, on the little "shelf" under the glass.
again, nice job
good blog!
aka wendygail over on the t2t boards

Sherry said...

Dear "Gramma", I just loved your little cloche! Now I know what to do w/those orphaned pieces of glass. -Sherry

Anonymous said...

I like crackle paint but I think your planter loks better after.Clueless1

Pat said...

I like your dresser.
I have worked alittle with crackle paint but it did not look as good as you.
Great job.

Robolady said...

Hey Sher, I got the package today. What a wonderful box of goodies. Although I'm not exactly sure what the "alcohol swabs" were for, but they are going in my "first aid kit".
I'm gonna write about it tomorrow, I'm just too tired tonight.
Thanks again for the great give-away.

Aimee said...

I love that blue paint - it is about the same color as my daughter's room - soothing, calming and lovely! You have great things on your blog - can't wait to read more! :0)

Gayle said...

I adore cloches and collect them - have a whole passel now, but they languish in the closet because I can never get them displayed nicely - sigh! Good idea for you to MAKE one with that clever little handle!
Gayle in UT

Sondra said...

I'm loving all the goodies you sent Margo. Hope I'm lucky lady next time:):)