Sunday, April 6, 2008

Breakfast Time!

Today's Menu:

Fresh Broccoli

Bell Pepper

Sliced Apple

Crispy Kale

Seedless Grapes

Orange Slices

Cooked Carrots


Jalapeno Pepper

No, not for me, not for my hubby! For him (Bailey) and for her (Tascha - she's camera shy this morning!); for her (Julie) and for him (Romeo). Bailey always chooses hot peppers first, While Romeo and Julie take turns with apples and grapes. Tascha? She's moody and acting hormonal today.

It's our morning ritual; they get breakfast first, seemingly always healthier than Hubby's and mine.

Yesterday afternoon: A new dressing for an old standby. I seem to forget to take the "before" shots of almost everything lately. At least, I remembered to snap this before I was finished.

These little dresser/dressing tables are so cute and were very popular in their day. They're just so short! It's obvious that the average woman today is taller than the average woman of yesteryear.


Janet C. Fish said...

Sher, your birds look so good. Clarence is looking ratty. Ever since we discovered he's a she, she's been nesting in a big food bowl. And she won't leave it. I noticed recently that she's looking shabby. I found 4 or 5 feathers in her "nest". I think she's been plucking her own feathers to work on her nest.

It is very difficult to call Clarence "she" or "her". For 22 years we've called that bird "he" or "him". Then he laid an egg. sigh........

Then she ate the egg. All these years we've been feeding her scrambled eggs now and again, and sometimes giving her egg shells. I wonder if she thought that even her own egg was food.

Of course the egg wasn't fertilized. But it was her own egg she ate!

Now see? I'm logged in this time! I don't know how that happens, because I didn't log in for either this or for my own blog.

I also love that color you are using on that dresser. Could you come here and bring that can of paint with you and paint some things here? (WHINE WHINE???)

Janet C. Fish said...

One more thing, Clarence does leave her nest to eat. S(he) gets frequent treats and will come down to the perch for those.

Also, Clarence,uh, does something else I was going to tell you about, but it just left my brain. I mean, even as I was starting to write the sentence, it just, poof! was gone from my brain. Do you have that thought I lost? Or is it lost someplace in transit?

Love, Janet

Sher said...

Poor Clarence. Or should we say, Clarice? Here's a site addressing partnerless parrots laying eggs: Maybe that will help. I thought about taking the Amazons out this afternoon for a hose bath but decided it's still too chilly for them. It's supposed to be mid-70's this afternoon, but that water has got to be cOOld!