Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Finished Re-dos and Last Month's Prize Reveal

Yesterday I promised you a pic of my finished dresser re-do with the mirror attached. We didn't attach the mirror until we had it in the shop (obvious transport reasons) but before we moved it, I decided it needed a matching chest. I DO love that color! Wanna see what last month's giftaway included? Margo has received her package so now I can do a reveal! :-) You already knew she'd be getting this bottle: She also received some wooden vintage thread spools and some little disposable mixing bowls for smaller painting jobs (of course, she might think of an entirely different use), along with some bits of lace, a swingy clock thing (heck, I don't know what they're called but I know she loves clock parts) and something that looks like a fishing sein with wooden beads. She also received a vintage tobacco can with some tags I put together for her, some pretty flowery wallpaper that could be used for notes, to cover a little box, etc., wrapped up in embroidered lace and pink painted clothespins, wooden letters that spell her name, a mess of green fringe, a metal rose that I know she'll put to beautiful use somehow, and bits of other wallpaper that she may end up using for decoupage (you never know with this girl!). Oh! And some alcohol swabs in case she cuts herself while out dumpster-diving. (Once a Mom, always a Mom, and I think she's close to my daughter's age...) If YOU had been the winner, you would have received the bottle, the hangtags and probably the tobacco tin, along with a variety of other items. I try to throw in things that suit the personality of the winner. (I do this by reading your blogs, the comments you leave me, etc.) I leave you with some eye candy from my yard in the form one of our peach trees and some vintage concrete ducks. Thanks for stopping by and remember: Leave a comment on my blog and you will be automatically entered in my giftaway for the month!


Robolady said...

Thanks again Sher for the goodies. I've written about them on my blog today. You are so clever, I think that metal clock thing is a pendulum?? It has a place of honor in my "junk" basket at the moment. I just love the stuff in my "junk" basket and I enjoy looking at it until Inspiration hits. Thanks again for the fun give-away.

Sher said...

Pendulum! That's the word I couldn't think of when I wrote this post! And I love Poe! LOL!

Sand Flat Farm said...

Sher - thanks for stopping by my blog to wish me well. I've missed visiting with you all. I started back to work this week, and it's going very slow right now trying to catch up.

I loved the pictures of your springtime around you, your barn roof, the peach trees blooming. This is my favorite time of year. It looks like where I live in Texas.

I'm doing a little better each day, thank you. And part of it's because of the encouragement I get from my blog buddies. It just feels so good to log in and find well wishes and good thoughts sent your way when you don't feel good. I hope I can give that all back to you all out there.

I ran into Margo this morning and saw on her blog where she'd won your neat-o stuff at your giveaway! Congrats to her! She's a sweetheart - LOVE LOVE LOVE the turquoise dresser and chest. My favorite color in the whole world! God bless you today Sher - Vickie