Tuesday, April 22, 2008

A Partial Peek at the Prize

It's not quite a tongue twister, is it? Last post I promised a partial peek at the prize. Okay, now say that one three times fast! First, we have this pretty little cone, handmade by Yours Truly. The tiny bouquets at the top are fastened with a pair of silver toned earrings. Sorry for the blurry picture; I tried to get a better one but obviously failed. The bottom has ribbon streamers and a child's cute little butterfly ring attached above the streamers. The cone is empty now but it won't be when it leaves here. What will it be filled with? I'm not telling. That's part of the surprise. You'll also get some of my handmade scented hangtags. And this cute little vintage ceramic box is part of the package! What's in it? (Mild snickering on this side of the computer) That's also a surprise. And that's all I'm showing of this month's giftaway. For now, anyway. ;-) What do you have to do to enter the drawing? Just leave a comment. Easy, huh?


Nicole said...

Oh how adorable!! Count me in! :o)

sallyt said...

Oh yeah, me too. I love S'prizes.

Hammer Time News! said...

i love suprises!!!! i am so excited!!!!