Sunday, January 6, 2008

Resolutions, Valentines, etc.


I think not. Not for me, anyway. I stopped making them years ago, about the same time that I finally realized a truth about myself. I'm lousy at keeping them. Instead, I set a variety of goals for myself throughout the year and give myself a specified amount of time (or a certain date) in which to accomplish the goal. Do I succeed? Not always. But at least at the end of the year I'm not beating myself up because I didn't accomplish any of the resolutions I made 364 days previously.

My hubby cheats. He refuses to look at it as cheating, though. He simply makes the same resolution each year - to do better this year. He admits that it takes into consideration every aspect of life and is a somewhat generic proposition. Me, I'm a "name it and claim it" person who refuses to set unaccomplishable (probably not a "real" word, but one that works here) goals. For example, I might have a goal to clean and try to organize my studio. I know I can accomplish that one. But to set a goal to keep it clean and somewhat organized? Not only unattainable but laughable. Others might be able to do it for their personal areas but not someone who has been a multi-tasker since 'way before the term was made a term. Within the course of, say, five minutes in my studio I may be sewing on one of my three machines, painting, beading and embroidering. Scissors and fabrics are flying, things get pushed aside, pushed over, spilled over, tossed to another table...

It's my world, meant only for me, my imagination and the processes that I put something through before it is carried out of the room as a finished piece of work.

...and on to Valentine's Day

Ah, yes! The day we honor for Lovers! Or, is it the day Lovers honor? Whichever it is, I started working on some things for this special day a couple months ago.

We yesterday removed all our Christmas trees from the shops and all Christmas-y type items (except for a few items remaining from our mark-down sale). Tomorrow (Monday) I'll return with Valentine and other romantic-looking items. We have a red (yes, red!) tree that will hold smalls. It should be cute - pics to come!

...and other things

We have a wonderful photograph (we think it's the original) signed by wildlife photographer David Shepherd. It's dated 1967, so it would be one of his very early works. We sent info on it to Christy's Auction in hopes of finding out what the value is. It is one of my fantastic finds from a sale I went to a few months ago. I'm embarrassed to say how much I gave, so I won't. But, I love it and it's hanging here in my office where I get to see it every day. If you know anything about his mid 1960's work, please let me know. I'd love to have some history of this piece.

This is one of my shorter posts, but I promise to be back soon with lots of pix for you to look at and updates on our trash-to-treasure work. As for this moment, I need to crawl into the depths of my studio and get some things accomplished.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Sher, I wrote to you, but am not at all sure I have a correct email address. I sent it to 3 email addresses.

Could you write to me so I can write to you? LOL

Love, Janet

Sher said...

Sure! Check your mailbox!

Sand Flat Farm said...

Sher - Thanks for visiting my site and for your kind words. When you said you were in Bristol, it made me feel a little closer to you. My oldest son lives in Nashville and all my mother's people were from Chattanooga. She still has a few left there. I love Tennessee and my folks would still live there if it weren't for their grandkids all living in Texas. Lucky you to live in such a beautiful part of the country! God bless you - Vickie