Monday, December 31, 2007

Back Home Again and HAPPY NEW YEAR!


We're back from Indiana, safe and sound! We had a few snow flurries while up there but not enough to whiten the ground for Christmas day. Even though the temperatures in Indiana and here in Tennessee may be similar, the air up there feels much colder than what we're used to. Thank goodness for family rooms with wood burning fireplaces!

I took a prebaked gingerbread house kit with me. My son's three children and I put it together but the two girls did all the decorating. My grandson decided he would skip the decorating but would be available for tasting. As it turned out, the house itself was really too hard to be tasty. The icing, however, was a different story.

If I had a fairy Godmother who could grant me one selfish wish, I would wish that I could spend a holiday (or just one day, for that matter) with both my children and all my grandkids together. My daughter's family is in Louisiana, my son's family in Indiana and we're in the far NE corner of Tennessee. There are so many miles between all of us! Throw in work and school schedules, and the result is very little time with any of them. It's been years since my two children and I have been together in one gathering. My daughter's kids and my son's kids have never even met each other. I wonder how other people with family members scattered in various states are able to combine schedules for an annual reunion.

Susan (aka my "soap lady") had a variety of new fragrances for me and of course, they started selling the first day I restocked the shops!

All in all, it was a good trip but it's always nice to be back home.

Well, tonight is the Big Night! We had decided to go to a large New Year's party that one of the shop owners is having but hubby and I are both having back problems today. Mine has been bothering me for several days but I've barely been able to function today. So it looks like we'll be watching New York celebrate the stroke of midnight and will toast in the New Year on our front porch. We'll wake up tomorrow morning and marvel at how quickly 2007 passed by. AND, God willing, we'll soon return to our own weird degree of "normalcy".

I've been working on some items that are geared toward Valentine's Day for the shops and for Ebay. I'm hoping next week to once again break out the power tools, paint, etc. and work on some new Trash-to-Treasure goodies.

Please take care if you plan on going out tonight. The party we were going to is a nonalcoholic function;I'm going to guess that the majority of drivers tonight will have alcohol in their systems so I hope you remember to drive defensively.

Bye-bye for now; I hope to see you again next year!


Norma Marshall said...

Hi...Just found your blog and want to let you know I've enjoyed browsing through. My sister and I owned a second hand furniture shop for a few years. Lots of work but I loved painting and fixing orphan pieces. Your grand kids are adorable. Wish I had taken pictures of my little ones decorating cookies.

Happy New Year!

Sher said...

Hi, Norma! Thanks for stopping in and for taking the time to leave a note! You're absolutely correct; getting some furniture pieces into saleable condition is often no small task. Of course, you're absolutely correct about my grandkids, too - they ARE absolutely adorable, although I may be a little partial! ;-)

ThriftShopRomantic said...

Hiya, Sher!
Just wanted to wish you a Happy New Year, and good wishes for 2008! Keep on grinnin'. :) --Jenn

Sher said...

Jenn! Thanks for the greeting! I hope 2008 is all you hope for it to be! Always grinnin' - Sher