Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Some Fabulous Finds!

Hi, everyone! My last post came with a promise of Fabulous Finds from my last bargain-hunting excursion. Here are a few of my treasures (or, treasures-to-be).

I love vintage glass. This cake stand and cover sparkles like new but its weight and an up-close inspection reveals otherwise. The bowl isn't quite large enough to be a punch bowl but seems too large and decorative to have been meant to hold mashed potatoes. Do I care? Absolutely not; it's so beautiful it could make mud and coal look delectable. And this is the largest jar of this type I've seen; the smaller ones are rampant around here.

I've had my eye on this box of spindles for a looong time. Whether I use them for display or dress them up in make-do style, they were a deal at $5 for the whole box!
And - (sh-h-h-h, don't tell Margo aka RoboLady! She loves clocks and clock parts, too!) look at this group of treasures! Those glass clock covers will beautifully frame some of my mixed media artwork! And don't those hands look like directional arrows to you? Or maybe Cupid's arrows?

Check out this old dresser! It's an 1800's piece that someone started to restore by sanding the mirror frame. Personally, I wish they had left it alone. That chippy paint finish holds a lot of character. And look at its original glass knobs! Again, someone tried to improve them by (ewwww, ugh!) painting them. Since such a large area of it has been sanded, we'll end up painting it. Deciding on a color will be difficult...removing the screw that sticks out from the back will be easy; who in the world would put a screw in this beauty? And this chest needs to have a couple drawers repaired and wheels added. (I knew there was a reason I bought those old metal wheels a while back!).

I'll post more pix when these are cleaned up and repaired.
This is a short post (for me) but before I leave, just one another note: Last Friday was the day for my annual mammogram and I also had the doc work me in for a CT scan that reveals any blockages in my arteries. It's a fairly new test that isn't paid for by most insurance companies. If you have diabetes, high blood pressure, cholesterol problems or heart problems of any kind, I highly recommend that you pay $250 (or so) and have the scan done. I decided to have it done after my fit, healthy brother discovered he had blockages.

So long for now...



Robolady said...

Too Late, I see em. Great ideas on using the parts. I may need to "borrow" those ideas. I'd love to see this "mixed media" art you are going to do with the glass. I have some of that glass and may just "borrow" that idea too. Love the box full of spools, and that is a great price. Hats display nicely on them, or you can make lamps out of them. I just have all of mine in a basket.

SweetAnnee said...

Oh my GOSH..you got some AWESOME AWESOME treasures!!
OOHHH la la

I love it all.

and PRAISE GOD you got a scan..praying the results are GREAT!!

fondly, Deena

I wish I'd have had a Pet/CT scan before my mastectomy, I would have had more info to make my choices with.
ASK EVERYONE!! for a scan if your cancer is invasive