Thursday, January 17, 2008

This time, it stuck

I woke this morning to the sound of tires traveling on wet pavement. My first thoughts were that it had rained during the night. I had obviously forgotten that a snowstorm was reported to be heading our way last night.

Bunny tracks:

We rarely get much snow here in northeast Tennessee. The people here go crazy when it snows. If an inch of snow falls, schools openings may be delayed an hour. I used to think it was sooo funny; but I now have a better understanding, as we may only have an inch of snow where we live but the school buses have to climb to higher elevations where the snow is deeper, the roads are curvier, and even a little bit of frozen snow can be treacherous.

My ol' rooster looks quite uncomfortable: In fact, he looks rather indignant, don't you think? A tuft o snow glistens against a yucca leaf.

Still, many celebrate the white stuff and eagerly look forward to its arrival. Although I've never liked driving in it, I have to admit to enjoying the look of newly fallen snow and its beautiful, graceful white tufts. It's the white roadsalt stains and the melted muck left behind that my adult mind soon begins to envision and I decided to shoot some pictures while I could enjoy the beauty. I began to also wish I could enjoy its cold, wet recreation as I did when I was a child.

Growing up, my friends and I thought it great fun to slide up and down the street using anything we had handy - cardboard boxes, trash can lids, our rearends...

It wouldn't take long for several of us to convene at Rhodius Park (yes, the same park I mentioned yesterday) at the "Big Hill" close to the swings. A few lucky kids would actually have sleds. However, the lack of a sled did not restrict our enthusiasm nor fun. In fact it seems those cardboard boxes, once flattened, could accomodate five or six of us. We likened the ride downhill to a rollercoaster. Trudging back up the hill wasn't as much fun unless the kid ahead of you lost his/her footing and we all would go tumbling back downhill. be a kid again!

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Janet Fish said...

That rooster. Well, Sher, if you had your bare butt sitting in the snow you'd probably look a tad indignant too. LOL hahaha

I am rearranging my "favorites" today. I put the things I want to check frequently all at the top. But every now and again for some reason my favorites alphabetize themselves, and I then have to search for everything.

I'm going to do that today, so your blog will be back up at the top, and I'll check it more often, because I'll know where it is. LOL