Sunday, December 23, 2007


What a hectic time of year! I'm writing this post from Indiana. We were planning to be here Friday but hubby came home from work last Stupid Tuesday, ill. He went to the doc the next day and found out he had strep throat. Thank God for strong medicines. We delayed the trip only one day. We'll enjoy Christmas here, then start back down south Thursday morning. Wednesday will be the day for some JoAnn Fabrics bargains and (hopefully) meet up with Susan to pick up more of her handmade soaps. I'm telling you, these are the very best! I buy them for myself and put them in my shops. Everybody loves them! They smell so mmmmmm - they literally fly off the shelves! Time for me to end this post and get downstairs with the family. Until next time, please be safe and warm, enjoy your loved ones and enjoy YOURSELF, praise God and have a very MERRY CHRISTMAS! Love to you all - Sher

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