Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Can we postpone Christmas?

Maybe for just one more month? Please? And will someone, anyone, out there in blogland please tell me that you haven't started shopping yet?
This is awful. I have never, ever in my now 59+ years, been so far behind on absolutely every task I have. Is anyone else in the same boat? Because I'm really starting to feel so sorry for myself that I'm becoming quite pitiful to me.
"Normal" activity for us at this time of year is to have our home, inside and out, glisten with lights and activity. Our lawn usually has lit with grazing animals and a large Nativity. Our porch is sparkling with smiling snowmen, lots of greenery and a welcome Santa. Wreaths are in the windows, candles are glowing, the back deck has elves playing. Every room inside is decorated and festive. I've baked cookies and breads for our neighbors and cards were mailed the week after Thanksgiving.
This year? (Gulp!) Last night I decorated our tree with only a portion of our ornaments after hubby covered it in lights two nights ago. Looking at my husband, I said, "Well, I guess we're done here..."
And let's not even talk about shopping.
See? Pitiful.
Okay, now that I've whined (please pass the cheese) about almost everything, let's move on to something else.
Five of us who frequent HGTV's Trash to Treasure forum participated in an annual T2T swap put together by TTRBB (aka "Becky"). All but one of us has received our package of swaps. So, if you are Poodlenana, stop reading here. I don't want to spoil the surprise! (Actually, she's probably received her package but hasn't had a chance to post it.) I've posted closeups here:
These are the ones I made. They're little snowman heads sitting on unwanted silverware. I bent the silverware so the ornaments will clip onto the branches instead of hanging from them.
They were made with scraps of felt, an old baby sock, wire, loose ravels from a red weater, tiny screws and nuts I swept from my husband's shop floor and sheep wool clipped from our neighbor's lamb.
This past Saturday was an antiques lover/junkster's dream! A huge antiques store, built onto the owners' home, and separate auction house AND contents of all were auctioned off. It was a court-ordered sale, which was sad (a divorcing couple couldn't seem to reach an equitable agreement) but at the same time, great for the rest of us who were present there.
Here is a picture of the antiques store (the residence is in the far right of the building) and a pic of the auction "barn":
The store had a mix of vintage and new items made to look old. I took these pictures from the auctioneer's site. The auctioneer was Ron Ramsey, who also happens to be our State Representative in this area.
Although I didn't get any furniture, I did get some glassware and "smalls" (smaller items) for our shop. After cleaning and sorting everything, we took a couple boxes to one of our shops in Elizabethton.
I also took one of my latest "make-do" creations, this guy that I call a Dapper Snowman.
He has kind of a Dean Martin look about him, don't you think?
While at the shop, I happened to fall (clumsy gal that I am) in one of our spots. Nothing was broken except for a teapot and my sense of dignity. I was sore for a couple of days, but as I am an RA (Rheumatoid Arthritis) patient, I'm usually sore anyway. At least I didn't break a bone, as I also have diabetes and my healing process is slow. It also slowed me down a couple more days on my Christmas decorating, etc.
I plan on doing a little shopping on Friday for the family. But, if anyone else wants to sign a petition to postpone Christmas this year...
I'm glad you could stop by! Keep smiling and God bless all of you!

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