Saturday, September 29, 2007

We have a WINNER! ...and some updates...

Yes, we have a WINNER! Not only was Maryanns66 the first one to guess correctly, she was also the first one to guess! We had some interesting answers come in, tho, and I was having fun reading your guesses so I kept mum. Just about everyone guessed the wooden sewing thread spool correctly, but it was the wooden toy wheel that I screwed to the spool and into the door that threw a lot of you. Congratulations, Maryanns66!!!! I'll send your surprise package as soon as I have your name and snail addy! Brother update: Thanks so much to all of you who included my brother, Ted, in your prayers and thank you all for the emails you sent. He had his surgery Monday and discovered that his situation was more urgent than originally anticipated. Both his left and right arteries were blocked 60%! His doctor gave him the option of having stints put in during two separate operations or having open heart surgery. He opted for having two surgeries. He had four stints put in one side and will have the other side done next month. My brother is five years older than me and I confess to being the typical little sister, following around my big brother not because I wanted to pester him but because I worshipped him. Thought he was just the coolest guy around. And I still do, even though the idiot went back to work the day he was released (Tuesday) from the hospital. He's self employed and stubborn but promised me he wouldn't lift anything heavier than his cell phone. IMPORTANT NOTE: Ted is not overweight, eats well and has always been active as I mentioned in my previous post. However, diabetes runs in our family. He was checked about a year ago after I was diagnosed with Type 2. He was told he was NOT diabetic. Guess what, folks?? Turns out he IS. His glucose level the week before surgery was 139 and the damage to his heart was due to the diabetes!!!! GET THOSE HEALTH CHECKS DONE!!!!!! Shop Updates: I've been busy trying to get things together (washed and/or painted, ribbon-tied and basically prettied-up) for the new space. I took just a few things over there Thursday and here are some pix: Inside the booth - I haven't moved any furniture inside yet (I have a small table in my van as I type) and the shelves are looking a little sparce but they will soon be overflowing. This cute little honey-colored bench will sit beneath the shuttered window, but for right now I set it in front of the door to keep it out of the way of others bringing in their wares. Notice the sign between the shutters? I liked the first one so well I had to make a second that says, "Welcome to my Cottage Home". I have yet another waiting to be completed. No new trash to treasure ideas as of this posting but there will be soon be plenty more to look at!

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