Thursday, September 6, 2007

Bragging Rights

Did you notice I added something new here? Look to the right and you'll see the real loves of my life, my family. That gorgeous blonde you see sitting with the good-looking fella is my daughter and her career soldier husband. The beautiful girls in the background are my two eldest granddaughters. Now, see that Christmas tree? That was taken at my son's home last year. He's the equally gorgeous guy to the right of the picture. On his lap is my grandson and of course the little beauties next to them are my other two granddaughters. Trying to hide behind them is my son's girlfriend, who will probably never forgive me for posting a picture of her that was taken first thing in the morning without her makeup. And, same picture - last, but not least is my truly wonderful husband, Grinnin Grampa. Mixed in with the pictures are items that may look familiar to you, as they are pieces that I have salvaged from the trash and rebuilt, one of the many plants in my garden and ~ I must toss this one in ~ a black server that my hubby pretty much took under his wing. It had a terrible paint job on it when we got it (why do some people paint so sloppily??) and needed repair. Oh - a couple of things I had absolutely no part in creating: The sheep live down the road; I oftentimes use their wool for doll hair or to stuff inside "pinkeeps" (pincushions) that I make. The little kid on the pony is me, aged 4. Just had to pop in a few minutes! See ya soon!

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