Thursday, September 20, 2007

An Update and More New Projects Await!

I just found out late yesterday that my brother has a blockage in one of his heart valves. He'll have surgery either tomorrow or Monday, whichever can be scheduled first. The doctors think they can open the valve via angioplasty but won't know for sure until he gets in there with a scope.
As he was on the phone with me, his wife was in the hospital with a gall bladder attack. They live in Southern California and I'm 'way out west here in Tennessee so if this post doesn't make sense in some areas, you'll understand why I'm a bit distracted.

This is a picture of my hubby Terry, SIL Kim and bro Ted taken a couple years ago in Hawaii. Ted and Kim have always been active, eaten healthily and taken good care of themselves in general.

If they hadn't, this would have probably happened years ago. I'm not only asking you to pray for them, I'm urging you to take a look at your and your family's lifestyle. You're never too old to start taking care of yourself and you're never too healthy looking to have health problems.

Thank you.

Here's an update on last post's vintage ironing board:

Truthfully, I hate to paint these old treasures but they are very plentiful here in the south - so plentiful that they sit in antique shops forever. Just like the chairs I talked about a couple posts ago, you have to do something to them to get them to sell.

Here's an idea I picked up from KraftyLady23, posted on the HGTV Trash to Treasure boards: This was an old cabinet door, turned sideways and painted. I'll add some coat rack hooks to the bottom and it will be completed! You can barely see the writing in the middle: The top is French, below it is the English translation, "Welcome to Our Home!". I decided to go with French on the top simply because this is more of a French Country design. Although I painted the vine freehand, you could easily stencil around the edges.

If you don't know French (I don't either!), or want to use a foreign language to accent your pieces, do what I did - go to this website: .

Until my next post, I'll be trying to decide what to do with this piece:

It's another one of my 2-items-for-$1 buys. It has side extenders that work and the top, slightly crushed in that it is, opens up to expose this:

I've never seen a piece like this and I am guessing its original purpose was to hold silverware. This is something I'll need to stare at for awhile before deciding what it's second life will be.

Until next time, think positive thoughts and take care of yourself.

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Robolady said...

Prayers for you and your brother.
Nice project, I like the ironing board, and cabinet door. Painting images is just something I cannot do, you are bless to be an artists.