Tuesday, September 11, 2007

A Day to Remember that I'd Like to Forget

It would be more correct to admit that I just wish it had never happened. But, just as December 7, 1941 happened and can never be undone, September 11, 2001 is a day which will live in infamy. There are some Americans who want September 11 to become a national holiday. I'm personally against it, as I tend to think of holidays as special times to celebrate. I believe September 11 is a day to mourn those innocent men and women, people who were someone's mother, daughter, brother, best friend, who were murdered on that day. I see it as a day to honor those brave firefighters, police officers, EMTs who risked their lives in efforts to save others. As a Christian, I find it hard to not hate Bin Laden. I see him as a murderous coward who boasts of sending his followers on suicide missions to kill others. He gives not a thought to the reality that these men are also someone else's beloved son, father or husband. He readily sacrifices those loved by others but swears revenge on those members of his own family killed or injured in war. Forgive him? I confess that I struggle with this. I am instructed by my God to forgive my enemies and know I must do this before I leave this world. If I do not forgive him, I have only myself to blame for having to spend eternity with him instead of with Christ. The other night I happened to watch a game show in which the contestant was asked what percentage of Americans believe that our country will not be in existence in another 100 years. I was certain the percentage would be low, 15% or lower. I was not only amazed but disappointed that an overwhelming majority of those asked said they believed that, in 100 years, there would be no United States of America. This country pulled together after 9-11. I'm urging you to continue to pray for our country and our leaders. I'm urging everyone to do what they can to keep us strong and united. And I'm urging you to choose eternity with our Lord and Savior, not with Satan and Bin Laden. God bless America; God bless us all.

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TinaTx said...

Thanks, Sher, for the comment on the family tree. It has been returned to my mother and hangs in her living room.