Friday, May 22, 2009

Sweet Babies, A No-Brainer Makeover and Gone to Therapy?

Aw, admit it!  All of us need a sign like this at LEAST one or two hundred times in our lives.  I saw it on display at the Shop (aka, the Corner Nest in Elizabethton) and just had to share it with you.  
And, how is this for a cheap, no-brainer makeover?  It's my "new", romantic outdoor candle-whatever:
Okay, maybe it's not a true trash-to-treasure item.
In fact, it might look a little more like Phantom of the Opera (although that's my favorite musical), but adding some old candles is keeping it out of the landfill and gives our friends something to giggle about when they see it.  Personally I like it.  Adds that little extra to the patio at night, you know?
Oooh, oooh, I almost forgot to tell you:  I bought a Magic Jack a couple weeks ago.  Have you seen them advertised on TV? Magic Jacks are just simple little attachments for the back of your computer that you plug your phone in and VOILA!  You have practically free phone service!  What a deal!  The Magic Jack is about $20 and the annual fee to use it is about the same.  So, for an investment of $40, you get a landline for the rest of the year!  That's it!  No monthly anything!  And you get free calling to almost everywhere in the WORLD, free directory assistance PLUS it's completely private.  Nobody will have your number unless you give it out because Magic Jack has no phone directory.  Yes, you still get 911; you have the option of setting that up (free, of course) when you plug in your phone.  It's great.  I'm excited, can you tell?  We're saving about $70 monthly.  I love it!
And, what you're waiting for:  The babies!  
Check this out:  She has a baby (in the middle of a field, no less), cleans it up and nonchalantly walks to the fence.  Wow, what a woman!  Uh, I mean, cow.
     And this little Sweetie flew in to our basement, right behind me.  He's a baby BlueJay.  The adults are meaner than tormented snakes but this baby is just so cotton-picking cute!
I had to run for the camera before I took him outside.  He perched on my finger!  Of course, I apologized to him for getting the camera and his picture before letting him return to his awaiting jabbering daddy.
AND, congratulations to Kris Allen, the NEW American Idol!  The top three (actually, top four) contestants were all exceedingly talented.  It was great to see Kris and Danny Gokey, both Christians, in the final three.


Judy said...

What cute babies!! I love your candle sconce. It looks very pretty.


Hi Sher,
Sweet idea with the floor lamp base!!! and sweet little Bluejay!
I hope you have a great weekend. We are doing house projects...I sound like a broken record with our projects...
Deb :)

Sand Flat Farm said...

Hi Sher! Doncha just love my candle stand? I sure do! Thanks again! I've gotten lots of compliments on it already.

Cute little babies! What a great idea to do with that old lamp. It ought to keep looking better the more wax it gets on it. Neat idea!

KatCollects said...

Oh my gosh, I love the little bird. I have a special connection to bluejays, I will post about it soon. I also love the baby calf, they are adorable.

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