Thursday, June 4, 2009

Giftaways, Hideaways and Getaways

Yes, it's been awhile since I've been here (again) but I'm hoping you remember last April's Giftaway, won by Michele of Country Vintage.  Thanks, Michele, for posting pictures of your gifts!  Another hearth thanks goes to Vickie of Sand Flat Farm, who posted photos of her candleholder in her beautiful farm home.  She won the candleholder when her name was pulled for our special 200th post Giftaway.

As much as I work outside on our property, you would think that I would know where every little bird home is so I could be careful not to disturb the fledglings.  But the other day I was working in one of the smaller gardens right next to our home - the one where two of my lilac bushes are - and I thought I saw something a little different buried deep in the branches of one of them.  Sure enough, 'waa-a-ay in the back of the largest one, buried deep in the foliage, I could barely see a nest.  Hoping I could get just one picture of a baby bird or two, I grabbed my camera and str-r-retched as far as I could and snapped this picture.

As much as I would love to be a nature photographer, my skills obviously do not feed into that field.  I think the nest is probably a robin's nest but unless I can somehow wiggle a tall stepladder safely next to that lilac bush, it's doubtful that I'll be able to see any perfect little blue eggs or baby robins. Not in this nest, anyway.
One reason I enjoy working in the yard is the wonderful aromas I am treated to.  This honeysuckle vine grows wild alongside our property.  A gentle breeze blowing through these vines surrounds you with the prettiest of natural scents.  If you get a chance, pluck the stamen from the middle of the flower blossom and lay it on your tongue.  You'll get a tiny drop of juice; it won't quench your thirst by a long shot - but you'll be treated to a really delicious taste of honey-like syrup.  It's even better if you have a child with you to share the experience.
I'd be embarrassed to call this next shot a picture of trash-to-treasure.  
This old chair was missing its seat, a rung or two, and had been ill-repaired several times over the years.  And, you know my propensity to turn every seatless chair we pull out of someone's trash into a garden chair (of sorts).  I decided that I wanted a pink chair in my garden, so out came the brush and the little bit of pink paint that I had been hoarding saving. I attached a little wooden box (one of those things I had been holding on to for such an occasion) and filled it with wild geraniums and baby hostas. The geraniums promptly wilted and will probably stay wilted until next Summer when the new shoots come up lively and healthy.
Are you wondering about the May Giftaway?  We pulled a name on June 1 but didn't blog it!  The winner of the May Giftaway is Janet Fish of Janet's Art Journey!  You will soon have a special surprise package at your door!  Congratulations, JANET!
AND, expect scant posts here for this month and next. We'll be going on a little Getaway with my two kids and all the grandkids next month (Yaaaaaay!) and the days surrounding it will be filled with LOTS of gardening chores and CANNING!  So, I'll be around but just not often.  Hmm.  Sorta like what you've seen here lately.
Meanwhile, I hope your summer is FABULOUS!


Michele said...

Oh Sher ~ I wish I could come and garden with you...looks like such an exciting adventure!

Thank you so much for my gifts...I love them all and will brag when we have Mark's graduation party at the end of the month!


Janet C. Fish said...

ME??? MEEEEE????? WOW! I can't believe I won something. THANK YOU! You are a dear, as you know. Good timing on this. Hurt my wrist and that gets me down sometimes.

I wish you lived next door. Maybe I could make you think you are supposed to garden in my yard. I wouldn't even charge you to do it!

I wish I had the gardening gift. I really don't.

Thanks again Sher, Love, Janet


Hi Sher!

I've been missing your post and sure do understand...have a long project list myself and don't get much done when I'm with my friends in blogland !!!
I'll keep checking with you! Enjoy the time with your Kids and Grand's!!
Deb :)

Patricia said...

Enjoyed the walk in your garden and am going to try tasting the jasmine. Can't say I ever did that! Can't wait to show my grandkids.
Patricia Rose-A Potpourri of Fabric, Fragrance and Findings

That Girl Ang said...

Thanks for checking in....