Tuesday, May 5, 2009

How to Tell Whether That Tree is Too Close to the House...

Here's a tip:  It shouldn't block the entrance to your porch.  I TRIED to tell my husband to move it out more but...okay, OKAY!  So I'M the one responsible!  But it was such a sweet, LITTLE Japanese Maple when we first brought it home and the description said that its width wouldn't be this large.  
     I guess I COULD hang a sign on the railing warning of an unfriendly Japanese Maple that eats door to door salespeople and other unwelcome visitors.  
     Have you ever noticed how photographs reveal things you really didn't want revealed?  Like the extra ten pounds and a double chin that the camera always adds?  Well, I've noticed a few other things that are revealed as well.  
     For example, when did this birdbath become heavier on one side than on the other?  I'm SURE it was level when we first pushed and grunted placed it in this garden.
Well, here's an area that definitely needs sprucing up... ...especially since it's right next to the house.
Look what happened to this rose trellis when I wasn't looking!
On second thought, maybe I'll leave this alone.  I kinda like it this way.  This chair, on the other hand...  My neighbor can use the boards from the seat in his wood stove this winter.  (He uses it to heat his garage)  I can repair the rest of it and replace the broken seat with a planter.
The brick path I started laying in this garden a couple years ago doesn't look too bad.  And, when you consider the fact that I've spent the equivalent of about 90 hours weeding (so far this Spring) and consider the size of this particular garden AND the fact that I'm a little old lady (well, according to my son, I am), this garden is starting to come along.
     However, SOME day, I WILL move this pink azalea from behind a lilac bush to a place where it can more easily be seen.  
This orange azalea will have brighter, prettier blossoms in another day or two.  They will, of course, fall off the bush and mound on my head as I viciously tear remove those pesky weeds from under the branches.
This lilac bush was looking pretty before the rain beat all the flowers off.
The yellow azalea in front of our house looks good.  It looks especially well in this picture, since I cropped all the unwanted growth aka weeds out of the picture.
Thus ends today's mini-tour and swift tree-planting lesson.


Sand Flat Farm said...

Hi Sher - my husband is addicted to those Japanese red maples. They are so pretty. Well, can you prune it back a little without it looking one-sided?

Your azaleas are luscious. I've not seen yellow and orange ones in a long time if ever. What a treat!
I'm jealous of your clothesline - I've been wanting one for a long time and especially when we move to the farm, I'm gonna stomp my feet until I get one!

Have a wonderful day!

Margo said...

Sorry your JM took over it's spot. Is it too late to move it. Maybe in it's dormant season.

The garden's get a little worn every winter, but careful hands and hearts quickly spruce it all back to looking great.
Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

Hi Sher- I am glad to see that I am not the only one who has had lots happening in their yard over the winter!!! TIme to get out the ol glue and hammer!!!

Your iris are beautiful- mine are just getting ready to bloom!



Hi Sher,
I love your old beat up chair...have one myself that needs a new seat and thought I'd put a planter in that spot. I also found a chair curbside that I'm going to use in the yard. Love chairs with plants on them!!
Thanks for the peak at spring. My lilacs should be blooming soon!
Deb :)

Janet C. Fish said...

My word! How dare your son call you "a little old lady"!

You may be little, and you may be old, but you definitely aren't, uh wait, that's not right.

You may be little and you may be a lady, but you definitely aren't old!

Your Japanese Maple is gorgeous.

Sher, do people (anyone besides me, who did it ONCE) actually climb those steps to knock on your front door? If I ever come there again, I will NOT come to your front door again. LOL

It's wonderful looking, but you won't catch me on those steps again without some dire emergency.

Your garden is magnificent. I wish you lived here so I could see your yard all the time.

Or, maybe it'd be good if I lived there. Our youngest is moving his family to the Atlanta area. We'd be closer then.

Am I babbling? I think so.