Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Does This Kid Look Familiar? Chandy Deconstruction and a WINNER!

Well, whaddya think?  Does she look familiar to you?
If she doesn't, she should - it's me, in the picture on my banner!  I was making new tags (they're my obsession for the week) and I decided to do something fun with my baby picture.  Note the matching bib.  I decided that any child who holds her tongue like this must do a lot of drooling.
...and this is me today...
Heh!  Yeah, right!  I only wish.  I had put the background for this tag together, then couldn't decide what else to do with it. I had cut this gal's image out and had it laying close to the tag and my imagination practically started screaming at me!  She was a a young girl who had married a rich older gent who doted on her.  He was a world traveler and loved to show his lovely young bride to the world so he purchased tickets for them to take a trip on the Titanic.  
Sadly, she didn't get to be an aristocrat for long.  This next gal reminded me of one of the "slutty cousins" from Tennessee in "My Best Friend's Wedding".  
I gave her hat an oversized ribbon tail and put her in a bed of flowers.  The next one, well, what can you say about a bunny who has miraculously given birth to a swarm of chicks?
I mounted her on mulberry paper and blinged it up with some itty-bitty shiny plastic flowers and hearts with glitter over them.
Then, I decided to turn my attention to a chandelier I bought at an estate sale.  It had been stored in an old box and looked complete.  Too bad I didn't notice that one of the glass chandelier arms was broken beyond repair.  So, I deconstructed it and washed its glass bowls and crystals in a bath of warm water and vinegar.
These little chandy bowls look like they'd make great candle holders or candy dishes.  Better yet, they'd look really feminine and pretty, holding jewelry on a dresser.  I'll probably play with them later today.
But, not before I announce the winner of the MARCH GIFTAWAY!  It's DIANE OF SATURDAY FINDS!!!!!!  Congratulations, Diane!  Email me at with your snail addy and I'll get your package out to you!  It's a nice one and I think you'll enjoy it, but since I failed to take a picture first, I'm making this another Surprise Package! 


Susie Mitchell said...

Always enjoy your posts. Love your new tags...and those chandy bowls are wonderful!
Blessings, Susie


Hi Sher,
Your tag of YOU is so sweet and I do love them all. Did you make the little hat out of felt? Too cute. Too bad about the chandy..and you are right, they are pretty to look at:)
Congrat's to Diane!!
It's snowing joke :( can't work outside and it's cold too...poor little me ..
Deb :)

Alma-Zulema said...

OMG, those tags are lovely! I specially love the one of you as a baby. It's just darling! You have such a wonderful imagination. (:

Patricia said...

You were such an adorable baby! Those tags are great, love the picture of the 'older' you. What a sad story, though!
You are so funny with the surprise give aways. I was thrilled with mine! If anyone wants to take a peek at what I won it's over on my blog-I took some pictures.
Patricia Rose-A Potpourri of Fabric, Fragrance and Findings

bec4 said...

Cute tags. I love all of the crystals from the chandy.