Monday, March 30, 2009

Garden Pictures, Uncut - Warning: This is Scarey!

DISCLAIMER:  The following pictures are not for gardeners who are faint of heart.  
These are not "before" pictures.  These are not "after" pictures.  These are "during" or "in process" pictures.
We had a sun-shiny, no rain day today - the first in several days.  I had to take advantage of the situation and, although I was only in the garden for two and a half hours, did manage to get a fair amount of work done.  Can't tell it, can you?
These pictures are all of my one large garden.  I haven't yet shown you the several small ones in front of the house, the one at the side of the house or any of them in back of the house.  Can you see why it all has to be raked clean before major weed-pulling can take place?  
I allowed many of the annuals to go to seed in hopes that some will replant themselves (this does happen here in Tennessee, where the winter temperatures are seldom below zero).   Unfortunately, I also allowed many last year's weeds to go to seed as well.  Why is it that weed offspring is always more hearty than ornamental offspring?
The crocus are gone but this garden does have its share of daffodils.  The tulips are in other gardens.  Most of the green you see is new growth from iris, Oriental poppies, several varieties of day lilies and torch lilies and gladiolus.  Although the next picture might look like a trash dump, it's actually where I threw some stones that I plan to use to help complete my garden path in this garden and a couple old wooden ladders that I use to set pots on.
This is one of the wheelbarrows I filled up today.  It is obviously at the end of the garden where I haven't quite started, I mean, finished raking.
The next photo is a shot of part of the back of the garden where I managed to work some on the path and planted some zinnias.
I barely started the actual entrance to the garden, as witnessed by the fact this wheelbarrow has such a small amount of debris in it and the container next to it isn't overflowing yet, either.
I did get quite a few sticks and other debris in this one, but trust me when I say that I somehow manage to pack them all to overflowing.  
Meanwhile, the grass is green but quickly growing.  My hubby likes to say that the mowing is his job (and it generally is); however, I do help him with it sometimes.  Kinda hard to take care of that, plus all the flower gardens, the house, the parrots, the laundry, the shop - I think I need a butler.  And a maid.  Heck with that, I need a WIFE of my own!
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Peace, love and blessings!


Sand Flat Farm said...

I know you'll have that garden in tip-top shape in no time! I LOVE this time of year when I can get out and putter...

Patricia said...

Nah, you can't scare me with those pictures. I can come up with some pretty good matching ones! We all have our work cut out for us, don't we? If you find a wife, see if she has a sister.
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