Monday, April 6, 2009

Sweet Chicks, Web Discoveries and Remember that Chandy?

Is this the cutest card or what?  A bunch of sweet chicks, minding their own business, riding around in their roadster to wish everyone "happiness for Easter".  This is a surprise I received in the mail from Deb (Garage Sale Gal), who is quite the sweet chick herself!  You'll never guess what she included on the note she sent- she apologized that it wasn't handmade!  She took the time to bling it up for me, remember me during the most reverent time of year for us Christians and apologizes for not taking MORE time.   But, that's Deb for ya!  Thank you, Deb, I really appreciate the card, the thought but more importantly, YOU! Yesterday was so nice outside!  It was in the 70's, a beautiful sunshiny day.  It was a perfect day to snap pictures of the artificial plum tree that lives right in back of our patio (OMG, I'm starting to channel Bob Ross...).  Today?  Twenty degrees colder, rainy and we have a forecast of snow flurries tomorrow morning.  
Oh!  Before I forget it, I've jumped on the Twitter bandwagon and have posted my link in the right hand margin.  If you twitter, please let me know so I can keep up with you!  Hey, a sentence a day is better than nothing at all!
I've also discovered this handy-dandy site:  Tiny URL.  It's pretty cool; you can reduce any URL down to just a few characters.  Really comes in handy when you're trying to fit an http addy into a limited space (like on Twitter).
I also thought I'd show you one of the things I'm doing with that chandelier I deconstructed: You know I love making these candle holders!  This one isn't quite finished but I thought I'd show you my progress, just the same! Do you think this is too wedding-y?  I'm thinking about filling some of those empty spots with either yellow or pink roses.  Really - I'd love your opinion!
Finally, I  hope that you all are praying for all the individuals and families affected by this financial crisis.  Please include not just for those in our country, but across the world as none of us are exempt.  
My hubby works for Exide Corporation, the largest battery maker in the U.S.  Just last week, the local plant had to let over half their workers go.  They had to lay off 567 employees and now have less than 300 left.  That is a great big hit for almost anywhere, but especially in a town this size.  Thankfully, Hubby is one who was spared but there are NO GUARANTEES for ANY job and I'm not just talking locally.  We're all in this together; let's also keep our faith and pray together!  
Blessings and much love to you all!



Hi Sher,
You are so welcome:)
Love the white chandy/candle and maybe adding a color will make it less "weddingish"..however I do like the all white look.
Thankfully your hubby is still working. I do know my son is looking for work and Kailee's daddy was laid off his's very close to my home!! We need to keep our faith in Jesus and He will provide:)
I don't have that what's its called...blogging is my thing at this time...
Happy Easter, Sher..
Deb :)

KatCollects said...

Hi Sher,
I love the chicks card, very sweet. I hope you are having a good start to your week.

Michele said...

Hi Sher ~ I love the chandy/ did a wonderful job with it. I agree with Deb tho...maybe adding some color will make it less "weddingish"!

I know I'm thankful that I have my's just so sad the amount of people losing their livlihood.

Have a great day!


Janet C. Fish said...

Well, if you don't want it weddingish, putting color in it would fix that. But I think it's lovely like it is.

As for jobs, It's scary. It's difficult for so many. Hard time of life for the world right now.

Love, Janet

Prissy' N Prim 'tiques said...

I am new to blogging and recently set up my own personal blog. I read your post about your husband and Excide layoffs and I will continue to pray that his job will be safe and secure. Just continue to trust in the Lord and he will see you through everything. I LOVE your candles...they are really pretty and I would be delighted to win one! Have a Blessed Easter. Jan

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