Thursday, March 19, 2009

Look Who's Back and My Husband is Playing Around

Yes, it's GERTRUDE!  Prince Charming was no where to be seen.  Maybe it's too early for them to be amorous.  Not familiar with Gertrude and the Prince?  Click HERE for their love story.
    While I was busy outside clicking pictures of Gertrude and raking the sticks, leaves and various debris that Old Man Winter blew onto the gardens, my husband was playing around.  I came into our house, started toward the office and our computer and noticed that our bedroom door was closed.  I could hear him in the kitchen, snickering.  
     Opening the door, I discovered...  He goes back to work tomorrow.  And I'll actually miss him.


Sand Flat Farm said...

That's hilarious!!! He sounds like a fun guy to be around - you'll have to stay on your toes - there's no telling where your mannequin will turn up!

Michele said...

Awww...he sounds like so much fun! Welcome home Gertrude!



Hi Sher,
You have been very busy!!! Love your hubby trying to be funny/helpful!!
I love your little Gertrude even if she is a toad. Frogs are my favorite little critter.
The re-do is great and I love the color.
Have a good weekend and I better get busy myself...lots of painting on stuff for the next sale.
Deb :)

P.S. Love the photo of you in your "craft room"!!

Irma's Rose Cottage said...

How sweet to hear that Gertrude has returned. I'm sure the Prince will be back again. Too funny about what hubby did. LOL

Hugs :)


KatCollects said...

Too cute, and funny. Awwww, that is nice to hear that you will miss him, must be true love : )