Thursday, March 26, 2009

Wine and Roses and The Truth about Cheap Electricity

He brought roses home to me, along with some wine and (cheap) champagne.  I love cheap champagne and prefer it and cheap wine (NOT Ripple) to their more expensive counterparts.  
We still haven't gone out to celebrate; I told him several days ago that I really preferred to cook our meal instead of going out.  Hopefully, he didn't take me at my word.
  Just kidding - I really do prefer to stay in, especially when the economy is the worst it's ever been in my adult lifetime.
He and I the other night were talking about the electric companies having higher rates during the "peak" time of day (basically between 8:00AM and 6:00PM).  I've heard that for so many years that I don't remember the source, etc. but have always tried to do things like dry heavier wash loads in the evening to save on electricity.  I thought about posting the information on this blog, then decided to first check out the validity first.
I'm glad I did.  Here's what I found:  Is Electricity Cheaper at Night?
I hope you click on that link.  There's good information about energy saving appliances that you might find interesting, along with the low down on cheaper electric times.  
Thanks for all your good wishes for our anniversary!  I appreciate your comments and just plain love you all!  


Patricia said...

Sher, too funny! I have to agree though, much prefer cheap champagne. Congratulations and hope you have a wonderful evening.
As far as the cheap electricity, the last place I lived, less than 20 miles away from where I am now, did charge us a lower rate at night. Now that we have a BIG electric company, no such price break. What the heck? Of course, we all know it doesn't cost the power companies any different no matter what time of day we use appliances, I think they are just trying to avoid peak times. JMHO.
Patricia Rose-A Potpourri of

Janet C. Fish said...

There's some kind of cheap champagne that I like too, but can't remember the name of it. It was real common back when I drank it once in a while.

As for wine, I'm not a wine drinker either, but I used to be in college. A group of us that hung around for a couple of years used to get a gallon of Red Mountain and sit there and solve the problems of the world. We were so cool. lol

Laundry. Our electric use rates appear to be the same day and night. Our bill is very simple anyway, and fairly stable, going up a bit with the seasons of high use, like air conditioning.

I always use cold water to wash clothes. I pre-soak everything, and it all seems to come out clean. So, I don't bother with warm anymore and that saves on our bill noticably.